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Acrl ucs tech section il 2011 report


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A wrap-up of the 2011 Internet Librarian conference presented to the ACRL ULS Tech Section, October 26th, 2011

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Acrl ucs tech section il 2011 report

  1. 1. Web Highlightsfrom Internet Librarian 2011Nina McHale @ninermacAssistant Professor, Web LibrarianUniversity of Colorado Denver, Auraria Library
  2. 2. Improving Your Website With Google AnalyticsSuHui Ho & Jeff Wisniewski• “Don’t be so proud of your total hits!” (Ho) • They don’t tell us WHAT people do when they get here, or how satisfied they are by their visit• Goals and funnels in Google Analytics (Wisniewski) • Goals are specific pages that you want your users to get to (20 goals are available per GA account) • Funnels are the “optimized steps” that users should take to get to the page • Shows where users get lost in complex processes (i.e., registering for a class)
  3. 3. UX Tools of the TradeAmanda Etches-Johnson• Amanda’s plea: don’t have a “junk drawer” library web site that contains everything your users could ever possibly need• Five techniques for better UX: • Don’t redesign; make incremental changes • Write for the web (inverted pyramid) • Navigation (“where am I?”) • Visual design (typography, white space) • Usability: “Watch people use your site”
  4. 4. Building Support for Change & Customer RelationshipsChristina de Castell, Tommy Armstrong, Doug Hahn• Tips for communicating change (de Castell) • What is your vision for the new “thing”? • Be sure to point out what will improve • What will stay the same?• Tool for communicating between IT and students (Armstrong & Hahn) • Direct communication between IT staff: • can provide better service to students AND staff • can open IT’s eyes to user needs
  5. 5. The Great Web 2.0 Faceoff(Tuesday Evening Session)• Free tools are great!• We use them all the time, but…• My concerns: • are we really getting/giving the IT support that we need/is needed? • are we developing on an “enterprise” level, or one that truly meets our needs? • example: Google Docs for surveys versus secure web forms