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Ramesh narayanan

  1. 1. Ramesh NarayananChief Executive OfficerBSES Yamuna Power Ltd.ELECTRONICS INDISTRIBUTIONJan’ 2013, Delhi
  2. 2. Presentation Flow1. GENERATION : Accelerated Growth2. PROBLEM : Matching Power Demand3. OPTIMISING : Load – Generation Mix4. BYPL’s Innovation Renewable Energy Assisted Pump Modular Integrated Distribution Automation System DRONA – Training Simulator5. Sum Up : Electronics in Power Distribution….2 BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.
  3. 3. GENERATION : accelerated growth3Since 1991:A PhenomenalGrowth 220 %Installed capacity as on Nov’12 : 2,10,937 MW YEAR 1991-92: Liberalization Policy by Govt. of India New Policy Framework to foster Accelerated Growth in Power. Private / FDI participation for the Generation SectorBSES Yamuna Power Ltd.
  4. 4. 4 Installed Capacity : 2,10,937 MW Grid Demand : 135,453 MWPROBLEM : Power Demand ConstraintsBSES Yamuna Power Ltd.Poised for Huge Growth & InvestmentsPoised for Huge Growth & Investments~64%utilization~64%utilization Suppressed Demand :1. Huge piling of the New connection pendency (other than private utilities)2. More than 30% of the 2 Crs pumpset run on DG Sets3. Majority of the un-electrified railway corridors (other than main trunk lines)4. Unavailability of efficient Public transport system : Metro, Monorail etc.5. Majority of un-electrifed / partially electrified 5 lac villages.
  5. 5. Optimizing Load – Generation MixUsage Based Customer Segmentation1) PUMPING LOAD:Brief : 19.6 Million pumps / As & When required / ~45% of total capacityPreferred Gen Mode : Renewable (Solar) / Hydro / Thermal2) LIGHTING LOAD:Brief : Off Peak Load / ~18% of total installed capacityPreferred Gen Mode : Renewable (Biomass) / Hydro / Thermal5 BSES Yamuna Power Limited.
  6. 6. Usage Based Customer Segmentation3) DRIVES/TRACTIONBrief : Industrial & Tractions / RTC Load / ~40% of total installed capacityPreferred Gen Mode : Thermal, Nuclear / Hydro / Renewable4) HEATING/COOLING :Brief : Off Peak Load / ~20 % of total installed capacityPreferred Gen Mode : Renewable (Biomass/ Bagasse) / Hydro / Thermal6BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.Optimizing Load – Generation Mix
  7. 7. BYPL’S INNOVATION7 BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.
  8. 8. IIT - Delhi8 BSES Yamuna Power Limited.Specially designed pump powered by a solar panel connected to a water tankUSAGES : Pumping requirements : Urban & Rural setup Portable drinking water solution for remote villages.ACCREDITATIONS : ‘SP 2B grading by CARE (HIGH performance ; Moderate fiscal strength) MNRE Approved (Channel Partner for off-grid solar programme under JNNSM )RENEWABLE ENERGY ASSISTED PUMP[REAP]
  9. 9. 9BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. Long Operating Life. Eco friendly. Easy to operate and maintain. Freedom from hikes in electricity tariff Quick Payback ( ~ 3 Years) with ‘0’ Operating CostRENEWABLE ENERGY ASSISTED PUMP[REAP]
  10. 10. 10 BSES Yamuna Power Limited.Centralized Health Monitoring of the HT Network & Equipments FRTU (developed in collaboration with IIT-Delhi), Sensors, Fault Passage Indicators, Modem Compatible with s/w like OMS & other IT Platforms like SAP, GIS etcModular Integrated Distribution Automation System
  11. 11. 11BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. Condition MonitoringLoad imbalances, Power Factor, Oil Level, Temperature etc Meter data ManagementAnalytics, Energy Audit, Theft Control, Network Planning. Intrusion Control.Automatic notification & EscalationP R E D E C T I V E Maintenance ToolModular Integrated Distribution Automation System For Utility Savings : reduced breakdowns, manpower / man-hour Improved reliability Condition monitoring of assets Network analysis & control For Consumer Minimum outages Improved quality supply
  12. 12. 12BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.DRONA – Training SimulatorWeb based application for imparting Distribution Business Domain Knowledge Information in the form of 3-D Animation, presentations, technical specs, Videos etc Interactive learning through numerous Quizzes & Puzzles . Standardized Training for existing employees & new joinees.Exhaustive Coverage :1) EQUIPMENTS – functions, features & SoPs2) PROCESS FLOWS – SoPs, timelines & statutory guidelines
  13. 13. 13BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.DRONA – Training Simulator1. Outage Management2. Preventive Maintenance3. Enforcement4. Meter Management5. Power Management6. Protection7. Customer Care8. Technical Diary9. Tools10. Meter to Cash To exercise the operational teams ability to evaluate,prioritize and respond to problems in an integrated mannerwithin a time critical environment. To provide procedures to be used in performing fault /recovery of the operations performed during the breakdown/maintenance phaseDiscoms “ Classroom of the Future ”10MODULE
  14. 14. 14BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.Electronics in Power Distribution….IT & ELECTRONICS form DISCOMS BACKBONE………..Operations / Biz / System SupportPertinent Issues :1)Want for Research & Development (R&D) Scope : Product & IT based Applications Focusing Minimal Manual Intervention A U T O M A T I O N2) Integration More Focus on Application side rather than on Hardware Seamless handshake (Hardware & IT ) : SCADA / DMS / SAP / GIS / DMSTRANSITION : Basic Infra Mgmt  Advanced System Automation
  15. 15. THANKS15BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.