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BBDOSF #BriefBrief challenge- 826 Valencia


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BBDOSF #BriefBrief challenge for 826 Valencia.

"Inspire the world from sharing yourself with the kids. Volunteer at 826 Valencia.”

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BBDOSF #BriefBrief challenge- 826 Valencia

  1. 1. “Inspire the world from sharing yourself with the kids.”
  2. 2. Challenge • Not enough volunteers to meet the growing demand for classes and programs.
  3. 3. Objective • Recruit volunteers for weekday programs including Field Trips, After School Tutoring, In-school Project, Workshops, Design and Photography.
  4. 4. Analysis • 826 Valencia aims to close the academic achievement gap for under-resourced youth ages 6 to 18 in the Bay Area through offering project-based free programs for students, teachers, and schools and help students strengthen their ability to express themselves clearly and in their own voice. • 826 Valencia offers its adult residents not only a chance to make a difference, but also opportunity to connect and involve with people and organizations in the community. • San Francisco is home to abundant talented and aspiring creative people who are eager to express themselves through creative works and make a difference.
  5. 5. Insight • Helping people to learn, grow and improve is an empowering experience. “i wish there had been something like 826dc when i was young. so much of growing up is learning to conform to expectations, so it’s critical for kids to have experiences that encourage them to believe in their own ideas and unleash their own creativity. kids need to see writing not as a dry, academic task, but as a natural way to connect with other people. i love the enthusiasm i see in our program participants.” —Marie Joyce, volunteer at 826DC • Desire for genuine human connections in this fast- paced modern society. “Kids in every community are excited and eager for a chance to be heard, to be listened to, to tell their stories, and to have help telling them. The power of 826 comes from bringing the kids and the adults together and letting them be genuine and real with each other in a setting that is anything but ordinary.”- Dave Eggers, 826 National and 826 Valencia Co-Founder
  6. 6. Target Audience • San Francisco residents who have experiences in creative works or teaching. • Freelancers or people with flexible work schedules. • Aspire to creating impactful and inspiring creative works. • Strong awareness and pride of being part of the San Francisco community.
  7. 7. Strategy • Encourage the creative people to inspire the world starting from influencing the kids in their own communities.
  8. 8. “Inspire the world from sharing yourself with the kids. Volunteer at 826 Valencia”
  9. 9. Campaign- Raise Awareness • Advertising: Posters at neighborhood shops/institutions with copy of “Inspire the world from sharing yourself with the kids. Volunteer at 826 Valencia” • Events: PR events at galleries, museums, cafes with current/past volunteers sharing how their involvement with 826 Valencia and experiences with kids have been integral for their own personal and professional growth. • Social: o Volunteers Showcase: publish interviews of volunteers about their stories, backgrounds, and experience with the kids. o Publish articles/poem written by students about their experience with their tutors. o Sharing eye-catching copies and images revolving around the core strategy, e.g. kid striding on streets wearing t-shirt that has volunteer’s work printed over on.
  10. 10. Campaign- Engage • Dedicate a section on sharing volunteers stories for continuous sharing and engagement. • Secret Pal: partnering kids and volunteers up to foster deeper engagement with each other in the programs.
  11. 11. Campaign- Retain • “After school parties” at 826 Valencia or partnering spaces for volunteers and their friends who could be potential volunteers. • Programs for volunteers to interact with each other at 826 Valencia to build an internal community.
  12. 12. Analyst/Strategist Nina Yi-Ning Tseng @NinaYNT @BBDOSF #briefbiref