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Tips for Effective Color Usage


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Published in: Design
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Tips for Effective Color Usage

  1. 1. Effectively Using Colorin Digital Environments Nina Elias
  2. 2. Overview1. Correct color usage2. Color & Tech Communication3. Key Terms4. Tips and tricks
  3. 3. Why Color?
  4. 4. Lorem ipsum color dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donecdecreases fringilla malesuada eros. Donec neque augue, dictum sed, lobortis quis,ornare et, tellus. Morbi scanning nisi ligula,gravida non, varius at, eleifend nec, sapien.Mauris eget diam. Maecenas sagittis enim a turpis. Ut ut mauris in dolor portaelementum. Aliquam pellentesque, time mi eu porta molestie, neque nulla interdum libero, sit amet vehicula orci dolor et dui. Vivamus pharetra lectus ut elit aliquetauctor. Nullam sit amet ligula. Fusce risus. Nullam lorem.
  5. 5. Would you want to read a slide that looks like this?
  6. 6. Or is this a biteasier to read?
  7. 7. hue
  8. 8. black on white VSother on white
  9. 9. Saturation
  10. 10. Complimentary Colors
  11. 11. Saturation Differences
  12. 12. value
  13. 13. Need to highlight some text?Need to highlight some text?
  14. 14. blindness affects 9-12% of males
  15. 15. For example…
  16. 16. tips & tricks
  17. 17. Place high contrast colors in spots, not huge chunks of design space.
  18. 18. Use a light, not fullysaturated background.
  19. 19. blue is universally recognized
  20. 20. other tips & tricks• use black and white contrast• use highly contrasting colors• use a constant color scheme• remember less is more• test with a color blind person when in doubt
  21. 21. end.