Participatory Atheneum


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This presentation was given to the Historic New Harmony staff and associates on March 13, 2009. They are working on strategic plans for the future of their visitor center (the Atheneum).

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Participatory Atheneum

  1. 1. participatory learning and the future of the Atheneum nina simon, museum 2.0
  2. 2. the outline what is participatory learning why I care (and I think you should too) how to incorporate it into the Atheneum all slides and links are here:
  3. 3. What is participatory learning? constructivist learning theory atomized, on-demand content relevance to personal experience emphasis on interpersonal exchange engagement in niche communities multi-platform engagement
  4. 4. what does a participatory platform look like?
  5. 5. what is social technology? tools that enable people to create, share, and connect with each other
  6. 6. what makes YouTube different?
  7. 7. who uses it?
  8. 8. what excites them?
  9. 9. the Web isn’t necessary, but it makes some things easier
  10. 10. the Web isn’t necessary, but it makes some things easier easier to publish easier to distribute
  11. 11. the Web isn’t necessary, but it makes some things easier easier to access easier to track
  12. 12. the Web isn’t necessary, but it makes some things easier zine blog radio show podcast group project wiki word of mouth ratings-enabled site address book social network
  13. 13. and as things get easier, users can depend on each other old relationship new relationships Authority is content provider Authority is platform provider
  14. 14. so how can you do it? be an authority be a participant (or do both)
  15. 15. first, listen find out where you are...
  16. 16. first, listen find out where you are... and where your audience is
  17. 17. and decide what kind of relationship you want
  18. 18. personalized maps and “trails” finding the way in that works for you
  19. 19. SMART STUDIO querying the environment to find interpretative material
  20. 20. ON AIR connecting with conceptual environments
  21. 21. museum without walls museum giving away content for remix
  22. 22. global membership connecting members via affinity, not geography
  23. 23. alternate reality games museum as locus for shared narrative
  24. 24. visitors as exhibit contributors museum as facilitator of community co-design
  25. 25. visitors as exhibit designers virtual-to-real design
  26. 26. online and onsite communities museum as hub of community activity
  27. 27. discussion what are your greatest needs? what assets do you want to build on? what new relationships will you seek? all slides and links are here: