Romeo and juliet


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Romeo and juliet

  1. 1. Summary: ROMEO AND JULIET By: William Shakespeare The play begins with a large fight between the Capulet and the Montague, twoprestigious families in Verona, Italy. These families have been fighting for quitesome time, and the Prince declares that their next public brawl will be punishedby death. When the fight is over, Romeo’s cousin Benvolio tries to cheer him ofhis melancholy. Romeo reveals that he is in love with a woman named Rosaline,but he has chosen to live in a life of chastity. Romeo and Benvolio areaccidentally invited to their enemy’s party; Benvolio convinces Romeo to go. At the party, Romeo locks eyes with a young woman named Juliet. Theyinstantly fall in love, but they do not realize that their families are mortal enemies.When they realize each other’s identities, they are devastated, but they cannothelp the way that they feel. Romeo sneaks into Juliet’s yard after the party andproclaims his love for her. She return his sentiments and the two decide to marry.The next day, Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar Lawrence; an eventwitnessed by Juliet’s Nurse and Romeo’s loyal servant, Balthasar. They plan tomeet in Juliet’s chamber that night. Romeo visits his best friend Mercutio and his cousin Benvolio but his goodmood is cutailed. Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, starts a verbal quarrel with Romeo,which soon turns into a duel with Mercutio. Romeo tries to stop the fight but it istoo late: Tybalt kills Mercutio. Romeo, enraged, retaliates by killing Tybalt. OnceRomeo realizes the consequences of his actions, he hides at Friar Lawrence’scell. Friar Lawrence informs Romeo that he has been banished from Verona andwill be killed if he stays. The Friar suggests Romeo to spend the night with Juliet,and then leave for Mantua in the morning. He tells Romeo that he will attempt tosettle the Capulet and Montague dispute so Romeo can later return to a unitedfamily. Romeo takes his advice, spending one night with Juliet before fleeingVerona. Juliet’s mother, completely unaware of her daughter’s secret marriage toRomeo, informs Juliet that she will marry a man named Paris in a few days. Juliet,outraged, refuses to comply. Her parents tell her that she must marry Paris andthe Nurse agrees with them. Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for advice, insisting she
  2. 2. would rather die than to marry Paris. Fr. Lawrence gives Juliet a potion which willmake her appear dead and tells her to take it the night before the wedding. Hepromises to send word to Romeo – intending the two lovers be reunited in theCapulet vault. Juliet drinks the potion and everybody assumes that she is dead --- includingBalthasar, who immediately tells Romeo. Friar Lawrence’s letter fails to reachRomeo, so he assumes that his wife is dead. He rushes to Juliet’s tomb and, indeep grief, drinks a vial of poison. Moments later, Juliet wakes to find Romeodead and kills herself due to grief. Once the families discover what happened,they finally end their bitter feud. Thus the youngsters’ deaths bring the familiestogether. Romeo and Juliet is a true tragedy in the literary sense because thefamilies gather sufficient self-knowledge to correct their behavior but not until itis too late to save the situation.BOOKREPORT IN
  3. 3. TEACHINGLITERATURENAME: Niña Camille Arrozal II-B BSE (ENG MAJ) PROFESSOR:Mercedes Montes
  4. 4. Title:ROMEO AND JULIETAuthor:William ShakespeareType of Work:PlayGenre:Tragic DramaDate of Publication:1599 ( in the 2nd quarto, which was authorized)Publisher:Thomas CreedeCharacters:ROMEO- The hero and one of the protagonists of “Romeo and Juliet”. The son ofOld Montague, he is at first in love with Lord Capulet’s niece, Rosaline. When hegoes to a feast given by Capulet, he attends the feast in a mask, meets Capulet’sdaughter Juliet, falls in love with her, and becomes passionate and impulsive.JULIET- The heroine and one of the protagonists of the play. She is the thirteen-year-old daughter of Capulet. She is a happy, romantic, and an innocent girl whofalls in love with Romeo.FRIAR LAWRENCE- The person who is responsible for helping Romeo and Juliet.He is a good man with good intentions.NURSE- a friend, guide, confidante, and educator of Juliet. She has raised Julietand is truly fond of her. She is a realist, who is fond of talking and joking. Sheoften provides comic relief to the play.Settings: The play is set in the thirteenth or fourteenth century in Italy in Verona andMantua. Much of the action takes place in Juliet’s house. Two cities of Venice arealso mentioned in the play. The Capulets and the Montagues, the main families of
  5. 5. the play, are from noble lineage and wealth; they dress well, live in fancysurroundings, and are served by many attendants. The play’s basic setting,therefore, is rich and elegant.Confict: Romeo and Juliet love each other, but their families have for a very long timebeen arch enemies.Climax: The climax in Romeo and Juliet of William Shakespeare is when FriarLawrence gave a potion to Juliet to make her appear dead to avoid marrying Parisbut Romeo doesn’t know that is only a play. In deep grief Romeo killed himself,and when Juliet awoke she discovered that Romeo is dead so she also killedherself.Theme: LOVE Romeo and Juliet are two of the most famous lovers in history, but somepeople doubt that their historic love lives up to its reputation. Romeo starts theplay infatuated with Rosaline, a gorgeous girl with no interest in him. His “true-love-at-first-sight” encounter with Juliet seems like it could be just another caseof puppy love. The two lovers come from warring families’ hatred. Their whirlwindromance, however, ends in tragedy when each thinks the other is dead andchooses to commit suicide rather than live alone. While Romeo and Juliet neverdoubt the power of love, other characters criticize and reject is as simplyinfatuation or lust. Some people interpret the play as a cautionary tale on thedangers of young love. Others argue that Romeo and Juliet’s lover developsthroughout the play from a giddy flirtation to something deeper, and that the playcharts the path of a relationship from infatuation to real love.Conclusion: Thinking Juliet is dead, Romeo commits suicide to join her. Knowing Romeois dead, Juliet commits suicide to join him. The loss of their children reconcilesCapulet and Montague, and the feud is ended.Moral Lesson: Romeo and Juliet teach some moral lessons about lying to ones parents. Thetwo you lovers defy their parent wishes and arrange a way to be married behind
  6. 6. their backs. As a result they make some foolish choices that end up in theirdeath. Not all people who care about you have the right answer. The adults inRomeo and Juliet’s life did not really help the situation. The Friar especially madeit worse when he had intended to help. Use of the potion was a catalyst in theyoung lover’s death. Revenge is not all that it is cracked up to be. There are entirely too many hottempered responses in reference to avenging one person from the two sets offeuding families.Don’t wait until the crisis has become intolerable before forgiving one another.Had the families been able to see through their bitter rivalry, the two lovers wouldstill be alive.