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Ole Christensen Roemer


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Ole Christensen Roemer

  1. 1.  Was born 25 September 1644 in Århus, Denmark  Died 19 September 1710 in Copenhagen, Denmark  In scientific literature alternative spellings such as "Roemer", "Römer", or "Romer"
  2. 2.  His Greatest Accomplishment was the first quantitative measurements of the speed of light.  (Giovanni Cassini said about Rømer’s work: “This second inequality appears to be due to light taking some time to reach us from the satellite; light seems to take about ten to eleven minutes [to cross] a distance equal to the half-diameter of the terrestrial orbit.”)
  3. 3.  Is Danish (from Denmark)  Parents are Christen Pedersen and Anna Olufsdatter Storm.  His father took the name Rømer, which means that he was from Rømø, to distinguish himself from a couple of other people with the same name as his.
  4. 4.  Before his time at the University of Copenhagen, Rømer was living in the home of his mentor Rasmus Bartholin, in 1668. In 1681, Rømer married Anne Marie Bartholin, the daughter of Rasmus Bartholin.
  5. 5.  University of Copenhagen  employed by the French government: Louis XIV made him teacher for the Dauphin (heir)  Rømer returned to Denmark and was appointed professor of astronomy at the University of Copenhagen in 1681  In 1700, Rømer managed to get the king to introduce the Gregorian calendar in Denmark-Norway — something Tycho Brahe had argued for in vain a hundred years earlier.  In 1705, Rømer was made the second Chief of the Copenhagen Police, a position he kept until his death in 1710.  He didn’t get any awards
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