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KWizCom's SharePoint Mobile Extensions Feature enables you to create a custom-tailored mobile solution without any code development!!

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  • KWizCom SharePoint Mobile solution

    1. 1. Did you know that you can easily create custom-tailored SharePoint Mobile solutions in just a few minutes, without any code development at all?<br />
    2. 2. “But SharePoint is very customizable and already has a mobile output format (/m)”<br />OK...I just got out from a meeting with a customer, I would like to create a follow-up task for myself while I’m on my way to my car..<br />
    3. 3. Here’s SharePoint’s mobile view (/m)<br />Where is my sales dashboard?? <br />All I see is a long list of lists and libraries..most of them I don’t know..<br />I just need a big “New Task” button<br />Oh, here is the Tasks list!<br />Let’s click it…maybe then I’ll see the “New Task” button<br />
    4. 4. Here are my tasks!(I see some which are VERY old..)<br />Oh, this one should be closed long ago. How do I close a task?<br />Very simple!<br />Click “Display”, then click “Edit” and then mark the task with “Completed” status and then click “Save”…<br />Close Task<br />I wish I could just have a “Close Task” link here..<br />Found the “New Task” link!!(I already got into my car..)<br />
    5. 5. Finally I can write the follow-up task for myself!<br />Why do I need this field?? It’s a NEW task so of course it was not started!!<br />Same for this one…why is it here??<br />Now I have to select myself from a list…this is really taking far too long for one simple follow-up task..<br />
    6. 6. Couldn’t our IT experts just create a simple “New Task for Myself” button that opens a new task page without the irrelevant fields ??<br />Couldn’t they spare me from all these screen and allow me access directly the “New Task page”?<br />I don’t care how SharePoint works.. <br />I need to be able to work faster!!<br />
    7. 7. SharePoint mobile-user challenges<br />A much more focused interface is required<br />No more generic New-View-EditSharePoint list pages – all with the same “generic” menus.<br />Have the exact interface needed by your mobile users to perform their business activities. <br />
    8. 8. What mobile users do need<br />Custom pages that include EXACTLY what I need<br />My Sales space<br />Fits 100% to my smart phone (without any development)<br />My Monthly Summary<br />My Actions<br />Easy to create and configure, just like SharePoint<br />+<br />+<br />Instead of the generic SharePoint screens have a focused, simple Task-Oriented interface!<br />
    9. 9. Deployment Requirements<br />
    10. 10. SharePoint Mobile ExtensionsSmart, focused interface for productive mobile users<br />In just a few minutes you can produce a custom-tailored, focused mobile interface that answers your mobile users’ specific needs!<br />
    11. 11. SharePoint Mobile ExtensionsSmart, focused interface for productive mobile users<br />You have FULL control over your SharePoint Mobile application:<br /><ul><li>You define the exact layout
    12. 12. You define which menus and actions will be visible
    13. 13. You define the exact logic</li></ul>Zero development!<br />
    14. 14. SharePoint Mobile ExtensionsSmart, focused interface for productive mobile users<br />Who needs it?<br /><ul><li>Field-engineers
    15. 15. Sales agents
    16. 16. Support/Help-Desk employees</li></ul>and..<br />Anyone who needs the same level of SharePoint Workspace service while being out of the office!<br />
    17. 17. Solution Concept<br /><ul><li>A Form-based Application Generator
    18. 18. Enables a non-developer to produce task-oriented mobile solutions which are based on existing SharePoint lists.
    19. 19. These mobile applications will enable end-users perform faster by providing:
    20. 20. Powerful forms (field-level permissions, tabs, default values, field validation rules, field constraints)
    21. 21. Context-sensitive, conditioned actions (list-level, item-level)
    22. 22. Auto-rendering to fit smart phones’ interface(1st version will support Blackberry and iPhone)
    23. 23. Server-based solution, Zero deployment on smart phones.
    24. 24. Template-based – enables deploying solution templates across the organization!
    25. 25. Fast response – Thin HTML, CSS-based
    26. 26. Small data plan– because the interface is focuses, it requires minimum clicks and postbacks – minimum traffic</li></li></ul><li>Product Architecture<br />SharePoint Mobile Extensions<br />Customizable mobile applications<br />The part that renders the mobile interface is open source!<br />SharePoint Custom Actions<br />List-level and Item-level custom actions<br />KWizCom List Forms Extensions Feature (SLFE)<br />Zero-coding custom forms in WSS/MOSS<br />WSS or MOSS (2007 / 2010)<br />
    27. 27. Use Case 1<br />Custom Task Management mobile solution(without the “generic” SharePoint features)<br />
    28. 28. This is the Tasks list on my mobile phone<br />
    29. 29. Clicking on “Actions”..<br />
    30. 30. I now see the exact menus I need (and NOT the regular SharePoint menus that half of them I never use..)<br />I see only the menus I need to see according to defined logic<br />(who I am, Which view I am watching)<br />When I click the “Create new task for me” action,<br />The following will happen<br />
    31. 31. Pre-action confirmation message<br /> and if I click “OK”..<br />
    32. 32. Remember what fields you see in SharePoint when you want to create a new task for yourself?<br /> I would like not to see this field, and have a default value of “Not Started”<br /> don’t want to see this field(and have a 0 default value for it)<br />I would like this field to be automatically filled with my user name<br />
    33. 33. is the focused, mobile version:<br />Since it is a new task for myself, I see only relevant fields.<br />The field “assigned to” is not visible and is auto-filled with my username.<br />
    34. 34. I fill out these fields and click “Submit”<br />
    35. 35. I am automatically redirected to “My Tasks” view(because this is how I defined it), and several fields were auto-filled. <br />
    36. 36. Let’s now go to an existing task<br />Clicking an item..<br />
    37. 37. I see only the fields I should see<br />The fields are grouped into page parts (sections) according to the way I wanted<br />
    38. 38. Clicking the “Actions” shows custom item-level actions<br />You can define item-level conditioned menus which are visible according to a defined logic!<br />For example:<br />The action “Close Task” is visible because this task is assigned to me.<br />
    39. 39. So… How do I create a custom mobile solution?<br />
    40. 40. This is a regular Tasks list.<br />You can see we’ve added some custom actions to the list.<br />Go to the List’s Settings page to configure its mobile behavior…<br />
    41. 41. Click the “SharePoint list forms extensions” link to configure the list (both for web and for mobile)<br />
    42. 42. In his page for example you define the available custom list actions<br />
    43. 43. These custom actions produce...<br />…the menus that your users see on their smart phones<br />
    44. 44. You can define the exact logic for every custom action<br />Caption and icons<br />To which page the user will be redirected after the action was done<br />Who sees this action, and on which views<br />
    45. 45. Define fields auto-update rules for each menu.(in our example:when creating a task for myself, make the “Assign To” field be equal to [me])<br />Define which field groups (tabs) will be visible for user input<br />You can define which workflows should be initiated upon this action’s completion!<br />
    46. 46. You have similar abilities to define Item-level actions, but…<br />You can also define logic conditions for each menu’s visibility!<br />Example:The menu “Close Task” will be visible only to the user which the task he sees is assigned to him (you cannot close other employee’s tasks)<br />
    47. 47. Summary<br />I see only the relevant fields<br />I see only the relevant views<br />I see only the relevant, custom list-leveland item-level menus<br />These menus are depended upon who I am, what I am watching and that state of the current item (so there are no irrelevant options)<br />Minimum mistakes to do, minimum post-backs<br />Task-oriented, easy to use solution!<br />
    48. 48. Key Advantages<br />
    49. 49. Feature comparison<br />
    50. 50. Technical Overview<br />
    51. 51. This solution is based on<br />Strict XHTML<br />Master page + layout pages<br />HTML generated using user controls ASCX and repeaters (highly customizable!)<br />UI is strictly done using CSS<br />
    52. 52. Fully integrated SharePoint solution<br />Settings are saved as XML file in the list or site. <br />Can be saved as part of a:<br />Template<br />Definition <br />Can be set using features on existing lists<br />Standard SharePoint solution, easily deployed across your organization!<br />
    53. 53. Product Roadmap<br />
    54. 54. Product Roadmap<br />Feb-10-2010, V1.0.50 (Public beta)<br />March-2010, V1.1.00 (RTM)<br />SP2007 & SP2010<br />Mobile solution templates (Sales workspace, Help Desk)<br />May-2010, V1.2.00<br />Custom Actions API<br />More mobile solution templates<br />TBD<br />
    55. 55. Join the Beta program!<br />Join the beta program and:<br />Have new opportunities to provide your customers with extreme solutions<br />Be able to influence these solutions’ roadmap, according to your requirements<br />Earn reseller points that provide you with larger reseller discount!<br />Contact us TODAY:<br />
    56. 56. Thank you!<br />