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The Case For KM


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Poetic Praise for KM

Published in: Business, Education

The Case For KM

  1. 1. The Case for KM Poetic praise for Knowledge Management (KM) © Nirmala Palaniappan, nirmala (dot) pal (at) gmail (dot) com By Nirmala Palaniappan
  2. 2. Organizations add to the revenue they earn, When they provide an environment for their employees to learn !
  3. 3. Decisions that have the greatest edge, Are those that are made with the backing of collective knowledge !
  4. 4. Learning from the organization’s past … Makes progress a lot more easy and fast! *After Action Reviews, Lessons Learned
  5. 5. Capturing those seemingly simple thoughts , Sows the seed for many idea pots! *Blogs, Discussion Forums
  6. 6. Circulation of knowledge in the organization… Is a key factor in new knowledge creation ! *Repositories, Expertise Utilization
  7. 7. Working together to pool all perspectives is cool! Because what else could be a better innovation tool?
  8. 8. The simple practices of documentation, mentoring and teaching , For spreading the light of knowledge, can be far-reaching!
  9. 9. The obvious practice of best practice transfer … Can make organizational performance look simpler!
  10. 10. The routine act of knowledge sharing , Can be made fascinating through storytelling !
  11. 11. Well-designed portals and workspaces are a great melting pot of knowledge… For the challenge of information-glut, there is perhaps no better hedge!
  12. 12. But the bedrock of KM lies in listening, questioning and learning , And people practices that promote an attitude of win-win !  
  13. 13. In summary, knowledge-oriented business management is KM , And, in the long-run, the lack of a knowledge perspective is asking for mayhem! This, folks, is the long and short of the case for KM!
  14. 14. KM Begins Here… By Nirmala Palaniappan © Nirmala Palaniappan, nirmala (dot) pal (at) gmail (dot) com Note: Images have been borrowed from Google Image search results. In case of models and frameworks, the source URL has been provided at the bottom of the slide