Bird santuries


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Bird santuries

  1. 1. IMPORTANCE OF BIRD SANCTUARIES Presented by, Nimmi Jayadevan MACMATES
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Bird sanctuaries are referred to as “NO HUNTING AREAS”.Bird sanctuaries are the home for various types of birds. These are the perfect place where birds can be found in plenty.
  3. 3. ABOUT BIRD SANCTUARIES Bird sanctuaries are bestowed with enriched flora and fauna. Severalspecies of trees, plants and rare herbs can be found in these sanctuaries.
  4. 4. One of the most notablething about bird sanctuariesin India is that here all of the creatures and faunas are available in their trueststate, completely untouched with hustle bustle of human disturbance!!
  5. 5. BIRD SANCTUARIES IN INDIA Bharatpur bird  Rajasthan Sanctaury Kunthankulam  Tamil Nadu Bird Sanctuary Mayani Bird  Maharashtra Sanctuary Nal Sarovar Bird  Gujarat Sanctuary Nawabgani Bird  Uttar Pradesh Sanctuary
  6. 6. Cont… Porbandar Bird  Gujarat Sanctuary Kulik (Raigani) Bird  West Bengal Sanctuary Ranganathittu Bird  Karnataka Sanctuary Sultanapur Bird Sanctuary  Haryana
  7. 7. BIRD SANCTUARIES IN KERALA Kumarakom Bird  Kottayam Sanctuary Mangalavanam Bird  Ernakulam Sanctuary Pathiramanal Bird  Alapuzha Sanctuary Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary  Calicut Thattekad Bird Sanctuary  Eranakulam
  8. 8. Strategies to Attract Birds• Leave dead and dying trees for the food insects they attract and the nesting cavities they contain.• Leave leaf-litter and rotting logs for ground feeding birds.• Create brush piles for shelter• Erect birdhouses
  9. 9. Cont….• Create shallow pools when natural water sources are not available• Rather than providing food in the winter, let the birds find their own.• Expect to find butterflies, deer, rabbits, frogs and harmless snakes attracted to your sanctuary
  10. 10. IMPORTANCE OF BIRD SANCTUARIES Bird sanctuaries have been in existence in North America for more than a century. As of 2009, thousands of bird sanctuaries have been established throughout the world in a variety of biomes.
  11. 11. According to Bird Life International, there are 9,856 identified living bird species which play an important role in the worlds biodiversity, with each species being "unique in its ecology and distribution."
  12. 12. Due to the vast and varied geographical setting, climate and extended coastline, bird sanctuaries provide shelter to thousands of bird species.
  13. 13. They are the artificial provisions to increase –seasonal migrations, security, more forestedarea and bird-watching. They provide natural settings for birds to take shelter.
  14. 14. "Important Bird Areas" program andthe Florida Fish and WildlifeConservation Commissions (FWC)"Critical Wildlife Area" program aredesignations that reflect areas ofbiological significance to birds. Theseareas must have a recorded historicalimportance to wildlife to be designatedas such.