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Activity I enjoy doing....


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Published in: Design
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Activity I enjoy doing....

  2. 2. O Every year I like to involve myself in one home brew project which tests my abilities on what I learnt through the past years.O The key project selection criteria is that the problem is challenging enough and uses most of my knowledge gained over the periodO It starts by finding a problem and asking the question “How can I help make this better?”O The solution thought process is that it has to be original and completely different from what exists.O It is a hobby I have cherished for years and it applies to any field I am involved in during that year.
  3. 3. Contribution towards Self-development Personal ProfessionalO It helps me keep close O It adds to my knowledge to reality baseO It gives me a sense of O It tests my learning having created O It builds my confidence something of value in my skill setsO In many cases it solves O It keeps me creative and everyday problems, spurs my innovative thereby improves the thinking quality of my daily life. O It helps me ideate forO It gives me a sense of incubators that can be achievement on small leveraged for potential scale goals. business benefits.
  4. 4. Project List…..O The projects that I have completed to date include: 1. Programmed autonomous robots capable of performing mundane pre-programmed tasks 2. Servo-operated mechanisms 3. Sound emulator 4. Bungalow security system 5. Lighting solutions for automating aquariums 6. Automated garden watering system 7. Line balancing program
  5. 5. PROJECT EXAMPLE- 1 Line Balancing Tool(Rational Automation Software)
  6. 6. PROJECT EXAMPLE- 2 Micromouse(Intelligent Robotics)
  7. 7. This year……O I am creating a home brew statistical program in Java with a graphical user interface to: A. Handle multiple probability distributions B. Help perform custom statistical fundamental analyses C. Chart statistical outcomes with key financial indicators D. Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to simulate economic and financial models
  8. 8. Feedback from an InventorJames A McEwen – Inventor on 10+ issued patents on turbochargers