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Your community pharmacist


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Adrian G, a pharmacist to promote pharmacy practice and to raise an awareness of common drugs at risk for abuse in our community.

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Your community pharmacist

  1. 1. The Community Pharmacist Dispensing Good Medicine… Preventing Drug Abuse Adrian Goram, PharmD, CPh Pharmacist Publix Pharmacy Pensacola, FL Pensacola BizNet Meeting May 1, 2014 7:30am
  2. 2. Disclosure  I am here today as a pharmacist to promote pharmacy practice and to raise an awareness of common drugs at risk for abuse in our community.  I am currently employed by Publix Pharmacy, Pensacola, FL.  No financial compensation was provided for this presentation.
  3. 3. Objectives Describe the practice of good medicine Identify several prescription (Rx) and Over the Counter (OTC) drugs and drug classes commonly abused Describe the pharmacist’s efforts to fight drug abuse
  4. 4. Local Pharmacy Practices Sacred Heart (Pensacola & Destin) Baptist (Pensacola & Gulf Breeze) West Florida Santa Rosa Medical FWB Medical Walgreens Wal-Mart Sam’s Club CV S Rite-Aid A & E Cantonment Drugs Ensley Drugs Pensacola Apothecary Rx Express Publix Target Kroger Winn Dixie
  5. 5. Pharmacists Do More Than Just Dispense Pills Drug Indication? Side Effects? Compliance? What if I miss a dose? OTC recommendation? CAN I DRINK? COUNSEL Right patient Right drug Right dose Right amount DISPENSE Drug Allergies Food Allergies Drug Interactions Contraindications SCREEN Patient Healthcare Provider Drug Dose Supply Valid Rx Valid MD Insurance COST VERIFY
  6. 6. Excessive Alcohol Use: Common Denominator for Rx & OTC Abuse Which teenage gender drinks the most?  Boys  Girls
  7. 7. Excessive Alcohol Use: Common Denominator for Rx & OTC Abuse Ref: Partnership for a Drug Free America 2009 Which teenage gender drinks the most?  Boys 52%  Girls 59% For a full report go to:
  8. 8. Tampons, Skittles & Gummy Bears Soaked withVodka
  9. 9. Alternative Alcohol Sobriety Test
  10. 10. Prescription (Rx) Drug Abuse: A Widespread Concern AmongTeenagers  The rate for Rx drug abuse is the fasting growing epidemic in the U.S.  48 million teenagers (>12 years old) used Rx drugs for illicit or recreational uses.  Nearly 14% met the criteria for abuse or dependence.  Nearly 3 million youths (age 12-25 years) become new Rx Abusers each year  Females; the most frequent abuser of Rx drugs across ALL age groups Ref: Chertoff JL:PharmCon 0798-0000-11-095-H01-P
  11. 11. Common Triggers for Rx and OTC Drug Abuse Strong Media Influence Internet Savvy Strong Peer Pressure Stress BULLYING Ease of Access Easily Concealed Cheap & Legally Purchased Thrill Seekers Sheer Boredom Dysfunctional Family Issues
  12. 12. Three Pharmacologic Classes of Rx Drugs Commonly Abused OPIOID ANALGESICS BENZODIAZEPINES AMPHETAMINES Pain Relievers Anti-Anxiety Sedatives/Tranquilizers Stimulants OXYCODONE OxyContin, Percocet ALPRAZOLAM Xanax METHYLPHENIDATE Ritalin, Concerta HYDROCODONE Norco, Lortab,Vicodin Vicoprofen CLONAZEPAM Klonopin AMPHETAMINE + DEXTROAMPHETAMINE MIXED SALTS Adderall MORPHINE MS Contin,Avinza, Kadian DIAZEPAM Valium DEXTROAMPHETAMINE Dexedrine HYDROMORPHONE Dilaudid ***NON-BENZOs*** Sleep Aids CODEINE ZOLPIDEM Ambien METHADONE Dolophine ESZOPICLONE Lunesta FENTANYL Duragesic
  13. 13. A Recent Study of Nearly 9 Million Drug Abusers Report: 5.3 Million Abuse Pain Relievers 2 Million Abuse Tranquilizers 1.3 Million Abuse Stimulants
  14. 14. Three OTC Drug Products Commonly Abused Pseudoephedrine (PSE) Caffeine Dextromethorphan (DXM) Cough/Cold Products Sudafed,Allergra-D Claritin-D, Zyrtec-D, Mucinex-D,Alka-Seltzer-D, Tylenol Sinus No Doz Vivarin Awake Cough/Cold Products Mucinex-DM Robitussin DM Corricidin DM Pain Relievers Co-Advil, Pain Relievers Goody’s Powders, BC Powders,Anacin, Excedrin,Vanquish Weight Loss Hydroxycutt, Diet Fuel Beverages Coffee, Energy Drinks, Red Bull, Monster, etc.
  15. 15. Four Pivotal Areas to Prevent Rx Drug Abuse Ref: Epidemic: Responding to America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis 2011 Education Tracking & Monitoring Proper Drug Disposal Enforcement
  16. 16. PARENTALVIGILENCE • Inspect your kid’s bedrooms, Internet accounts, laptops, cellphones, etc. • Changes in behavior, habits, friends, hangouts, etc. • Home drug test kits • Referral source to Law Enforcement and Drug Addiction &Treatment Centers • HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS • MDs, Dentists, RNs, NPs, PAs • Compliance to evidence-based guidelines Federal & State Supported Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) Monitoring and Tracking of PSE Sales Patients who “Doctor Shop” Unethical and Suspicious Prescribing: • Narcotics & Pill Mills • Forgeries, Stolen Prescription Pads • Self-Medication • Beyond the respective scope of practice
  17. 17. CleanYour Medicine Cabinet • 70% of illicit users of pills were retrieved from family & friends, as compared to 5% from drug pushers • Properly dispose of unwanted & expired pills • DO NOT FLUSH IN TOILET • Place disposed meds in a zip-lock sealed bag or Tupperware-like container filled with cat litter or coffee ground then place in trash • ANNUAL PRESRIPTION DRUG TAKE-BACK DAY Collects all unwanted pills at a participating pharmacies • •CHARITABLE MED DONATION DROP OFF? Partner with local law (Narcotics) enforcement Identify Pills Share data among pharmacies for unlawful or unethical activities: • Doctor Shopping • Unscrupulous Prescribing Patterns • Forgeries • Stolen Prescription Pads • Increased Customer Traffic for PSE Sales
  18. 18. Local Drug Abuse & Treatment Centers Meridian 1920 N. J St. (850) 469-3502 Teen Challenge of Pensacola ( 8600 Hwy US 98 (850) 453-4300 Lakeview Center Pathway ( 6425 Pensacola Blvd (850) 453-7722 New Beginnings Recovery Homes ( 820 Gerhardt Dr (850) 439-1522 Acceptance Counseling 3W. Garden St Lakeview Center Medication 1800 N Palafox St (850) 466-3400 Drug & Alcohol 24 Hour Helpline (850) 944-7802 Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Florida at Twelve Oaks ( 2068 Health Core Dr. Navarre, FL (850-763-6340)