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8 Tips for Creating Stellar CTAs


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Use these best practices for writing better calls-to-action in your next project.

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8 Tips for Creating Stellar CTAs

  1. 1. Create Stellar CTAs Using These 8 Tips F O R B E T T E R C O N V E R S I O N S 
 & H A P P I E R C U S T O M E R S
  2. 2. What is a CTA?
  3. 3. CTA stands for Call-to-Action
  4. 4. Calls-to-action are the prompt for what you’d like 
 your customers to do next. Every piece of collateral, and ever page on your website, should include some type of CTA.
  5. 5. It may sound like you’re making a lot of requests 
 of your customers, but being clear about what step they’re supposed to take next is actually helping them get to the information they came looking for 
 in the first place.
  6. 6. Eight Tips F O R W R I T I N G B E T T E R C A L L S - T O - A C T I O N
  7. 7. 1. Use Action Words
  8. 8. Start your CTA with a strong verb or action-phrase.
  10. 10. 2. Create a Sense of Urgency
  11. 11. When it makes sense, include numbers, a date, or 
 a limited time only message to create urgency.
  13. 13. 3. Stay Relevant
  14. 14. More than 90% of visitors 
 who read your headline 
 will also read your CTA copy.* *SOURCE: UNBOUNCE
  15. 15. Conversion rates increase when you and your customers have shared goals. In other words, be sure your content and CTA 
 are related and complement each other.
  16. 16. 4. Make Them Personal
  17. 17. You could see up to a 90% increase in conversions by making your 
  18. 18. *SOURCE: CONTENTVERVE See the difference?
  19. 19. 5. Make CTAs Easy-to-Spot
  20. 20. 35.81% increase in conversion by changing button color on product landing pages* *SOURCE: CONTENTVERVE
  21. 21. It’s important to make your calls-to-action stand out visually from everything else on your page. You can do this by changing the color, putting your CTA on a button, making your CTA a different size than the rest of the text on the page… you get the idea. The point is, you need to bring attention to your CTA.
  22. 22. *SOURCE: SUMOME
  23. 23. 6. Make Them Clickable
  24. 24. If you’re working with a digital medium – make your CTAs clickable. Always. If there’s some reason you’re not able to include a clickable CTA, make sure to include a link, phone number, address, etc. near your CTA. Make it incredibly clear that the two go together.
  25. 25. *SOURCE: KLOUT Notice how the CTA: “Sign Up!” isn’t clickable, but it is pointing to the next step for visitors.
  26. 26. 7. Stay Multi-Device Friendly
  27. 27.  Between December 2013 
 and December 2015, smartphone internet consumption grew by 78%* *SOURCE: COMSCORE
  28. 28. 40% of smartphone and tablet owners search for B2B products 
 on those devices. *SOURCE: KOMARKETING
  29. 29. We live in an age where people access info on the go. So make it as easy as possible for your customers to get the information they’re looking for – no matter what device they’re using.
  30. 30. 8. Test & Retest
  31. 31. Use these best practicing as a starting point for your next project. But don’t forget that every demographic, company, and culture has a unique set of needs. Be sure to test variations your CTAs to make them 
 as effective as possible.
  33. 33. Helping You Build Strong Experiences 
 So You Can Cultivate Strong Communities • • • Created by Nimble Kettle LLC