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Sky information systems company profile (2011) - linkedin


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Sky information systems company profile (2011) - linkedin

  1. 1. Sky Information Systems<br />
  2. 2. Sky Information Systems is a totally client-driven company and believes in providing recruitment services of the highest quality in India and abroad to large multi-national organizations as well as to smaller professional businesses. SkyInfosys has developed an innovative, yet proven, approach to selecting the right candidates for the right positions.<br /> We offer uncompromising professionalism, which ensures confidentiality to both client and candidate at all times. Helping you find the most suitable person for your assignment. In the current climate of mergers and acquisitions in the industry we have successfully attracted talented individuals for our clients but have also helped them maintain key personnel at vulnerable periods.<br /> We have sound credentials based on specialised knowledge of the IT/Telecom & healthcare industry and years of recruiting at all levels. We are in tune with our clients' needs, which has helped us achieve results.<br />About SkyInfosys<br />
  3. 3. We recruit for the following industries: <br /><ul><li>Information Technology
  4. 4. Telecom/Networking
  5. 5. BPO/ITES/IT Management
  6. 6. Pharmaceutical and healthcare </li></ul>We recruit for the following assignment types: <br /><ul><li>Permanent Placements
  7. 7. Temporary Assignments
  8. 8. Fixed Term Contracts</li></ul>Specialized Industries<br />
  9. 9. SkyInfosys is a recruitment company and providing recruitment services. In recruitment process, we provide Database Selection and Executive Search.<br />Database Selection: <br /> We take on specific selection assignments at various level positions based on a thorough understanding of the job specification, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position. SkyInfosys activities involve resume aggregation from our databank, validation of preliminary interviews and reference checks prior to the presentation of final candidates to the client. We would maintain contact with candidate/s till they join duty. <br />Executive Search: <br /> We take on specific executive search assignments at senior level based on a thorough understanding of the job specification, organization culture and other critical attributes required for specific position. These assignments are handled by our Executive Search team with excellent network and experience to look for the right candidate for any given role. Our search team specifically head hunts profiles and submit the same to organization after preliminary interviews .<br />Services<br />
  10. 10. <ul><li>SkyInfosys is committed to providing consistently high quality consulting and executive search services in a time and cost-effective way to the clients
  11. 11. Building open our reputation for competence, effectiveness and integrity, we develop and nurture long term close relationships with our clients.
  12. 12. We recognize the importance of long term client relationships and their trust and confidence in us. They expect us to understand and respond to the urgency of their needs. SkyInfosys has the knowledge, the resources and the expertise to provide professionals who will excel.</li></ul>Our Clients<br />
  13. 13. <ul><li>Sky Information Systems has a clear commitment to treating clients, candidates and colleagues in a professional, honest and ethical manner at all times. Our internal code in respect to candidate and client confidentiality is absolute.
  14. 14. Trust. Our business has been built on the long-term relationships we have nurtured with both our corporate clients and candidates. We believe such relationships must be based on integrity, trust, and mutual respect.
  15. 15. Teamwork. We become a partner with our clients, working with you as a member of your management team to help you achieve your objectives in meeting clearly defined staffing needs.
  16. 16. Communication. Our experience has proven that the sharing of communication between the direct hiring official, the coordinating human resources representative, the candidate, and Marketing Consultants essential to mutual success.
  17. 17. Selectivity. In proposing candidates to clients, we believe in quality over quantity. We present only candidates that we truly believe can do the job. We have a personal interest in our candidates' career success as well as a solid commitment to meeting our clients' needs.
  18. 18. Discipline. We are extremely result-oriented. We approach our assignments in a disciplined manner that closely parallels the way our client companies create solutions to marketing problems.</li></ul>Our Value & Philosophy<br />
  19. 19. Pre-Screen<br />Voice Centers<br /><ul><li>Pace
  20. 20. Volume
  21. 21. Accent
  22. 22. Ability to articulate
  23. 23. Confidence, energy and flexibility</li></ul>Non Voice Centers<br /><ul><li>Experience
  24. 24. Skills
  25. 25. Relevant qualifications</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Cultural adaptability
  26. 26. Motivation
  27. 27. Stability
  28. 28. Skills and Competencies
  29. 29. Other client specific attributes</li></ul>Competence Interview<br />
  30. 30. Recruitment Process<br />
  31. 31. Search Services<br />Information Technology: SAS, SAP, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Networking, MySQL, MIS, Microsoft Dynamics, Mainframes, SEO, Siebel, SQL Server, Writing - Content, Writing - Technical, Web Methods, Web Design, VOIP, VC, VB, TIBCO, Testing, Teradata, Technical Support, Sybase, Mac, LPO, DB2, Datastage, Data Warehousing, CRM, Cognos, C, Business Objects, Business Intelligence, Business Analyst, BizTalk, BEA, Baan, DBA, Documentum, Dot NET, Lotus Notes, JD Edwards, Java, Internet Research, Informatica, Hyperion, Hardware, Graphic Design, GIS, ERP, Embedded, EAI, AS400, Writing - Copywriting, SeeBeyond etc..<br />Telecom/Networking: Network Security, Juniper, Routing & Switching, Cisco, Network Designing, VoIP, TCP, IP Networks (MPLS, BGP, OSPF etc) SNMP , TCP/IP , TCL/TK , SMS / EMS), Wireless , Switching , routing protocols ( RFP , BGP , PPP , …), Datacom ( VOIP , MGCP , MPLS , 802 X , 802.11…), LAN , WAN Security , Firewall L2TP/PPP/GRE, MLTP , Ethernet, STP, RSTP, IPSEC, Data Networks (Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN etc.) Certification – CCIE, CCSP, CCSI, CCNP, CCDA, CCNA etc..<br />Pharmaceutical and healthcare: Dispatch, Process Chemists, Production Managers, Production Operator, Production Technician, Shift Manager, Technician , QA Managers, QC Analysts, QC Managers, Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Research Managers, Clinical Trials Coordinators, Data Managers, Directors, Research Nurses, Research Physicians, Statisticians, Advisors etc..<br />Senior Positions: QA Manager, Program manager, Project Manager, Test manager, CEO, Directors, Country Heads etc..<br />
  32. 32. Financial Implications<br /><ul><li>Service Taxes Extra as applicable.
  33. 33. SkyInfosys shall provide a Free Replacement if a candidate chooses to leave within 90 Days from the Date of joining.
  34. 34. Validity period for profiles which is sent by SkyInfosys is 6 months</li></ul>TERMS & CONDITIONS SUBJECT TO NEGOTIATIONS <br /><ul><li>You shall let us know any interaction / correspondence you may have with the candidates referred by us till the final appointment.
  35. 35. We shall be entitled to our professional fees if the candidate interviewed and initially rejected by you is subsequently appointed within a period of 6 months from the date of meeting.
  36. 36. We shall also be entitled to our professional fee if candidate sent by us are approached directly, interviewed and subsequently selected by you within a period of 6 months from the date of meeting.</li></li></ul><li>