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Robert Owen


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Presentation by Athira Rajan for MPOB course

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Robert Owen

  1. 1. Robert Owen Presentation by Athira Rajan MTP, MBA, ASIET Prof. Nimal C Namboodiripad
  2. 2. Robert Owen(1771-1858)• Was a Utopian Socialist and Social Reformer• Was more a doer than a talker• Born on 14th May, 1771 at Newton, Wales, England• At 16 found work in wholesale and retail drapery• At 19 borrowed 100 pounds and set up spinning mules with John Jones• 1792 left the partnership and joined as a manager in Drinkwaters factory
  3. 3. Owen’s Convictions• “A person’s character is formed by the effects of his environment.”• “Only the right environment could produce rational, good and humane people.”• “Allies important in developing a person.”
  4. 4. New Lanark Cotton Mills
  5. 5. Management Contributions• Founded famous New Lanark Mills in Scotland.• Was one of the foremost management thinkers during the industrial revolution well before the advent of the Scientific Management School• Can be called World’s first enlightened (and first personnel) manager and the Father of the Cooperative Movement• Established the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union in 1834
  6. 6. Management Contributions• Stopped employing children below 10 in factories• Reduced working hours from 14 to 10• Built houses for workers with proper sanitation• Nursery for children• Showed higher wages increased profits through higher productivity• Unique incentive schemes• Informal workers participation in management
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