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The good use of nuclear energy


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The good use of nuclear energy

  1. 1. Nimali Digo Arachchi PSD 37 09.06.2013
  2. 2. Reactors around the world
  3. 3. Nuclear Energy Facts  440 Nuclear Power Plants in 30 countries  1/6 of the power is nuclear  Nuclear energy consumption double by 2050  World will turn to Fission Energy  Produces no carbon wastage  40 years of economical life span  Recyclable
  4. 4. Nuclear Fission
  5. 5. Applications of Nuclear Energy        Electric Power Generation Medicine Scientific Research Food & Agriculture Consumer Products Industrial Applications Space
  6. 6. Medical  Radioisotopes for scanning organs..  (eg. MRI scanner, CCT scanner, Echo)  Bone scans - to detect bone cancers and bone affections Kidney scans – to evaluate full kidney function 
  7. 7. Scientific Researches Radioisotopes are used… to test the effectiveness and safety of drugs to seek causes and cures for AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimer (Biochemical research) in Genetic Engineering in environmental protection studies in archeological researches – carbon dating -
  8. 8. Food & Agriculture Food irradiation… kills bacteria, insects and parasites which causes disease like Cholera, Trichinosis retards spoilage of food is not radioactive Radiations are used… to develop more disease-resistant corps to improve quality of food in farming
  9. 9. Consumer Products  Smoke detectors  Watches and Clocks that ‘glows in the dark’  Treating non-stick pans  Photocopy machines (develop small amount of static current to separate pages while copying)  Radiation sterilized cosmetics, hair products and contact lens solutions
  10. 10. Industrial Applications Radioisotopes are used in…. Automobile Aircraft Can industry manufacturing - of tin and companies Construction To check for flaws in jet engines - manufacturing Pipeline to test quality of steel vehicles - to obtain proper thickness aluminum to look for defects in welds crews to gauge the density of road surface Mining and petroleum companies gas ad To locate and quantify oil, natural mineral deposits
  11. 11. Space Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) are used….. to operate unmanned spacecraft to generate electricity of about 3000W each with this electricity, to control their operations, collect and process data and send them back to earth
  12. 12. THANK YOU