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An overview of vamrr VR Dev Con | Mumbai 18 March


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This is a presentation giving an overview of the vamrr VR Dev Con dedicated to development, design and research of Virtual Augmented & Mixed Reality. Organized on 18 March in Mumbai.

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An overview of vamrr VR Dev Con | Mumbai 18 March

  1. 1.  Keynotes  Presentations  Talks  Panel  Experience Demos  Workshops UNITY PRESENTS VAMRR VR DEVCON SATURDAY 18 MARCH, WHISTLING WOODS MUMBAI  222 DELEGATES of which  177 Professionals  45 Students KNOWLEDGE | INSIGHTS | LIVE DEMOS | NETWORKING
  2. 2. VR AR & MR EXPERIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEMOS | HP & Nvidia | Parallax Labs | Enso Immersive | Dimensions NXG
  3. 3. Leadership Keynote: From Consumerized Layer to Industrialized Layer. Building Solutions in VR & AR Pravin Hungund, Chief Technologist & Global Head, Technovation Centre, Wipro Ltd
  4. 4. Knowledge Keynote: “Unity’s best practices for VR/AR & tips on how to create VR for Cinematic Experiences and games.” Arvind Neelakantan, Unity Product Evangelist
  5. 5. Transforming Professional VR | NVIDIA & HP Shridhar Garge – Head, Professional Visualisation, Nvidia
  6. 6. Development, Design & Research Opportunities & Challenges In AR, VR & MR {LtoR} Anand Gurnani, Founder, Vamrr™ | Murli Ramkrishnan, Group CEO, SeeInside, Inc | Kshitij Goenka, Co-Founder, Enso Immmersive | Girish Dhakephalkar, Founder & Ceo, Shoonya Game Technologies | Parth Choksi, Co-Founder, Meraki VR | Pankaj Raut, CEO, Dimensions NXG | Dhyey Shah, Co-Founder, 4dea | Jignesh Talasila, Founder, Loop Reality
  7. 7. KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOPS |Bringing Intelligence to & Integrating Hardware with Virtual Worlds Jignesh Talasila, Founder, Loop Reality |Sai Teja & Sudharshan Kurri, Designers, Loop Reality
  8. 8. KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOPS | Powering your Mobile VR Game with Positional Tracking Pankaj Raut, CEO | Rushikesh Tade, Computer Vision Engineer | Ravi Yadav, Software Engineer , Dimensions NXG
  9. 9. KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOPS | Live Action VR Technology: Camera, Stitching & Beyond Parth Choksi, Co-Founder, Meraki VR
  10. 10. KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOPS | From Months to Minutes: Unleash the Power Of VR Within Your Own Product Dhyey Shah & Eepsit Tiwari, Co-Founders, 4Dea
  11. 11. KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOPS | UX Design For VR Applications Girish Dhakephalkar, Founder & CEO, Shoonya Game Technologies
  12. 12. Sharing the VR Vision of Whistling Woods Chaitanya Chinchlikar, VicePresident-BizDev & Chief Tech Officer at Whistling Woods International & VicePresident Strategy at Mukta Arts Ltd
  13. 13. Making India Experience VR| Building The Indian Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality Ecosystem ANAND Gurnani Founder, vamrr™ & Organizer VR DevCon | Team vamrr™ @ The Dev Con