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Sponsorship package UAE Saves Week 2013


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Help cashy empower more people to take control of their money and therefore their lives. We have lots in store for UAE Saves Week 2013 - we'd love you on board!

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Sponsorship package UAE Saves Week 2013

  1. 1. a week in review brought to you by.. copyright 2013Saturday, January 12, 13
  2. 2. money matters! • There are only 3 things that we do with money: • SAVE • SPEND • INVEST • The financial decisions we make now will have a long term impact on our lives and well-being.Saturday, January 12, 13
  3. 3. content • Review of the week • Traditional media coverage • Online coverage • UAE Saves Week 2013 • Meet our community membersSaturday, January 12, 13
  4. 4. review of the weekSaturday, January 12, 13
  5. 5. • The first UAE Saves Week hosted by from 23rd to 29th September 2012.Saturday, January 12, 13
  6. 6. • With the help of partner organizations championing the aim of creating a culture of savers, UAE Saves Week had a broad reach across the nation with savings advice, encouragement and opportunities to take positive financial action.Saturday, January 12, 13
  7. 7. • The big message of UAE Saves Week is that broke down saving money into practical, manageable, bite-sized daily goals that we can all achieve, especially with a little help and support from our friends. cashy’s objective was to show how these small daily changes and savings can really transform people’s life.Saturday, January 12, 13
  8. 8. • Presenters of Dubai Eye 103.8, who discussed UAE Saves Week with founder Nima Abu Wardeh live on the program, indicated they had significant reactions and engagement from listeners at record levels due to the importance of the topic and how it hit home with listeners. RadioSaturday, January 12, 13
  9. 9. • An online social media campaign saw more than 570 tweets which included the UAE Saves Week hashtags, with 30.03% of those retweeted. Social MediaSaturday, January 12, 13
  10. 10. • UAE Saves Week champions such as National Bonds had over 300 “fb likes”, comments and shares on their Facebook page in direct relation to the posts about UAE Saves Week daily themes.Saturday, January 12, 13
  11. 11. • UAE Saves Week 2013 will bring money to life through various mediums, like art. • Follow up surveys and report after the week via cashy.meSaturday, January 12, 13
  12. 12. UAE Saves Week - Traditional Media CoverageSaturday, January 12, 13
  13. 13. television • City 7TV had UAE Saves Week as a news item and the event was discussed on a BBC World Service news program on finance. • Dubai TV interview with Nima Abu-Wardeh • City 7 TV interview with Nima Abu-Wardeh • BBC World ServiceSaturday, January 12, 13
  14. 14. radio • Dubai Eye 103.8 The Breakfast Show • Dubai Eye 103.8, Siobhan Live (who indicated it was the most responses and interaction they have had for a program).Saturday, January 12, 13
  15. 15. press • 7 Days UAE dedicated half a page of comments in their letters page from readers in response to’s announcement of UAE Saves Week and the low savings rate across the nation. • others wrote about the week, the reasons behind it, its impact, and sponsors.Saturday, January 12, 13
  16. 16. study • cashy released a study on the launch day of UAE Saves Week, carried out by YouGov who interviewed 733 people, the study indicated that financial pressures are the single biggest source of stress in the lives of UAE residents. (read the study) • This poll also shows that most residents who responded (55%) are unable to save more than 10% of their monthly salary. In fact, three in ten residents surveyed say they are not able to save anything. Saturday, January 12, 13
  17. 17. UAE Saves Week - Online CoverageSaturday, January 12, 13
  18. 18. on • Thousands visited the web site • An increase of over 348%, during UAE Saves Week • Almost 20,000 article reads on ideas for creating good savings habits • More than 50% of traffic to came via twitter • During the week a poll attracted 229 respondents with 32% indicating savings of less than US$ 150 providing similar results to a study carried out by YouGov, of 733 respondents, on behalf of in the lead up to UAE Saves Week.Saturday, January 12, 13
  19. 19. community activity • Many visitors to the site contributed photographs of actions they were taking to create savings goals. • UAE champions • As a housewife how can i save good money? • Q&A - blog responseSaturday, January 12, 13
  20. 20. on FaceBook •’s FaceBook page included links to articles and posts about UAE Saves Week reached over 2000 unique people and 116 unique people ‘liked’ the article posts. • Other UAE Saves Week champions and supporters shared UAE Saves Week bringing overall article unique likes to approximately 500.Saturday, January 12, 13
  21. 21. corporate sponsors on FaceBookSaturday, January 12, 13
  22. 22. on twitter • More than 570 tweets included the UAE Saves Week hashtags with a high level of daily interaction, comments and engagement.Saturday, January 12, 13
  23. 23. on twitter • rak bankSaturday, January 12, 13
  24. 24. online media coverage • Arabian Gazette wrote daily articles. (for example - cashy’s UAE Saves Week enters its second day – Pack your lunch Monday) • Wamda (Can Saving a Few Dollars Make Society More Stable?) • Zawya (Nima Abu Wardeh, Founder of, explains her websites "UAE Saves Week" initiative.) • The National (Try going back to basics: it could be your saving grace) • goToHomePageParam=true&storyId=2160973 • goToHomePageParam=true&storyId=2160962 • 7fcef2f5-6f48-474c-9ac0-0f2a16167cd1.aspx •‫;:-98دي-5432*-ا1$ل-إ.--ا,&+*ار-ا&%$#"؟‬ ‫@-ا?>$رات-54ف‬A%B-CAD9-"E$F-GH4> • • 2012-09-23-1.1732568Saturday, January 12, 13
  25. 25. Corporate SponsorsSaturday, January 12, 13
  26. 26. UAE Saves Week 2013 We are committed to developing an extensive and integrated program. We are actively pursuing sponsorship and support from major institutions, education authorities, media, corporations and other organizations. Our aim is to raise awareness, showcase solutions and support individuals in the community and throughout the nation.Saturday, January 12, 13
  27. 27. our mission To help people in the Arab world make the most of their money- and their life.Saturday, January 12, 13
  28. 28. Sponsorship opportunities and fees Premier Sponsor Gold Sponsor First   choice   on   adver3sing   and   media   opportuni3es   (costs   to   be   This   represents   a   unique   and   elevated   opportunity   to   associate   borne   by   Sponsor).   Update   on   development   and   roll-­‐out   of   key   your  brand   and   organiza3on/  company  with   UAE   Saves   Week   and   ini3a3ves.  Exclusive   dinner  with  key   speakers  and   organizers.  Your   capitalize   on   a   remarkable   and   memorable   ini3a3ve.   As   Gold   logo  on  all  official  UAE  Saves  Week  material. Sponsors  you  will   demonstrate  leadership   in   crea3ng   a   culture   of   savings. AED 975,000 AED 750,000 Commitment Event Video Daily Theme Money Makeover Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor Card Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor “clinic” Sponsor Your  logo  on   Video  sponsor  per   Daily  themes.    E.g.   Financial  Ins*tu*ons  can   An  opportunity  to  partner   Commitment  savings   individual  UAE  Saves   #SavingsSunday,   benefit  from  new   with  employers  and   Cards    distributed  at  UAE   Week  official  event   #FrugalMonday Sponsor  of  money   customers  and  expand   educa*onal  ins*tu*ons   Saves  Week  events  with   hosted  on   Sponsor  fee  per  day.     makeover  clinics  staffed   their  community   to  promote  savings   invite  to  post  photo’s   website.  With  your  logo   Press  releases  ,  online   by  Team  cashy  personnel outreach  objec*ves.   messages. online  and  through  SM   and  message.  Price  per   ar*cle  and  social  media   (Max  3  sponsors) event. ac*vity. AED 575,000 AED 385,000 AED 85,000 AED 70,000 AED 65,000 AED 115,000 k UAE Saves Wee www.cashy.meSaturday, January 12, 13
  29. 29. UAE Saves Week 2013 For further UAE Saves Week information, Sponsorship opportunities and fees contact Premier Gold Silver Bronze 1  sponsor 2  sponsors 3  sponsors 5  sponsors Events Logo  on  official  printed  material • • • 1st  choice  for  adver*sing  opportuni*es • Logo  on  welcome  banner • • • • Logo  included  in  post  show  reports • • VIP  welcomes  at  events 5 3 2 1 Online  -­‐-­‐  UAE  Saves  Week  /  cashy  website* Video  Message   • Logo  on  Home  Page • • Link  to  sponsors  website • • Logo  on  about  UAE  Saves  Week  page • • • • Public  RelaJons  (PR) Brand  in  official  Press  releases • Interview   • •   Social  media  ar*cles • • • • Conference  /  Seminars  /  Workshops Headline  speaker  available  at  your  company • Moderator  summary • •   Staffed  informa*on  table • • •   Opportunity  to  distribute  leaflets  in  official  pack • • • •Saturday, January 12, 13
  30. 30. • Your  logo  on  official  printed  material  distributed  at  the  events. Looking at money through EVENTS • Logo  included  on  post  show  reports  published  online  and  distributed  via  press   release  and  social   art UAE Saves Week • media. • A  video  message  of  your  support  for  a  culture  of  savers,  from  your  representa3ve,   hosted  on  the   • UAE  Saves  Week  about  page. ONLINE • Your  logo  on  the  home  page  for  the  dura3on  of    UAE  Saves  Week. • Logo  included  on  the  UAE  Saves  Week  2012  About  page. PRESS • Interview  of  your  representa3ve,  as  sponsor  message,  posted  online  at   and  distributed  via  social  media. RELEASES • Distribu3on  of  your  ar3cles  about  UAE  Saves  Week  via  social  media. • Host  one  of  the  headline  speakers  within  your  organiza3on. SEMINARS • Moderate  an  aTer  speech  summary  and  call  to  ac3on.Saturday, January 12, 13
  31. 31. The 1st personal finance website in the what is cashy? Arab world that helps you make the most of your money – and your life.Saturday, January 12, 13
  32. 32. why cashy? • we deliver in both English and Arabic channels • we offer impartial, insightful and useful articles from a panel of journalists and industry experts. • we give our community the ability to ask a panel of experts questions about their personal finances, • we foster a support dialogue between our community users who help each other through exchanging questions & answers. • we envision other interactive features, such as the ability for users to share their haggling victories with one another.Saturday, January 12, 13
  33. 33. what is UAE Saves Week? • UAE Saves Week is a week long annual event dedicated to empowering people to save money. Saving money is vital for peoples financial well- being and to enable them to sustain themselves and their loved ones now and in the future. • UAE Saves Week 2013 will provide content, online and via social media, as well as on traditional media platforms, that brings to life financial empowerment with a focus on saving money. We will also have on the ground events including town halls, headline speakers, money makeover clinics and relevant art.Saturday, January 12, 13
  34. 34. Events - Town halls • This is where people can get to grips with their money issues in a supportive, relaxed environment. • The Town Halls are one hour long: 15 minutes meet and greet with coffee, tea and biscuits, then the next 45 minutes are given over to an open forum Q&A, where a cashy moderator starts the conversation with the professionals answering peoples questions. • We traditionally have a financial advisor and a lawyer available to demystify and help people with their money questions and concerns . Think of this as community outreach where we go into local communities, be they residential (eg a compound) or professional (eg a company) and enable people to get these stressful issues off their chest, share information with others, and learn. • The answers will be recorded on video and uploaded to in order for others, not present, to learn from our cashy Town Halls. Participants (people asking questions) will not be recorded or seen on the video. • We will be holding Town Halls throughout UAE Saves Week.Saturday, January 12, 13
  35. 35. UAESW - Other events • Art - Money is an integral part of life, and we will have art related to money and life on show during UAE Saves Week. • Headline Speakers - We have world-leading public speakers on the issues of money, life, consumption, managing money, behavioral change and life planning. • During UAE Saves Week we will hold a number of public events where we can all learn from these inspirational individuals. • Moderator Summary - We are offering the relevant sponsors the opportunity to speak after the Headline Speaker at the public event. • Money Makeover Clinic - Everyone could do with some help when it comes to managing money, and at our Money Makeover Clinics we provide the opportunity for people to have professionals give them a financial fitness test and an overview of what they could and should be doing with their money at their stage of life. • Daily Themes - Each day of the UAE Saves Week will have a different theme. You can sponsor the days theme and be acknowledged in the days press releases, social media content and online activity.Saturday, January 12, 13
  36. 36. what we offer? • the basics.. • live with money • work • play • familySaturday, January 12, 13
  37. 37. what we offer? • demystifying the complex.. • invest • shares • property • alternatives • ethicalSaturday, January 12, 13
  38. 38. why a niche community? • it is a growing social media trend.. • fewer numbers.. • focused & loyal users.. • high engagement.. • rich content.. • strong viral element. • references .. • niche-social-networking/ • vs knell/5-reasons-niche-social- ne_b_1299941.html • niche-social-media-networks/Saturday, January 12, 13
  39. 39. meet our community members..Saturday, January 12, 13
  40. 40. meet Omar.. • Omar is in his late twenties. He spent the last 5 years of his professional career in a government post. He is eager to start a business and grow it. • He had hopes of borrowing the money to fund his startup, but quickly realized the financial crisis left limited funding options. • He wants to know investment alternatives, how he can self- fund without getting in debt, and what tax implications he will have to account for.Saturday, January 12, 13
  41. 41. meet Hanan.. • Hanan is a young Arab professional in her late 20‘s. An expat living in Dubai she is having to take responsibility for herself and her young family. She hadn’t considered saving yet. For the past 10 years, she splurged on clothes, travel and a BMW. • With her first child on the way, her husband’s aging parents back home, and monthly mortgage payments, Hanan wonders how she will provide for her child’s education and welfare. • She is exploring savings options, education funds and family money management skills.Saturday, January 12, 13
  42. 42. meet Linda.. • Linda is in her late 30s. She lived the high-life in Dubai for the past 10 years. With an executive position she was able to earn a six figure salary. • She max’ed out credit cards, a car loan and mortgage payments for a 3million dirham property. • Linda lost her job and has no money to cover her debt. She is seeking advice from finance professionals to plan, pay back and build a more sustainable financial lifestyle.Saturday, January 12, 13
  43. 43. what our community has to say about us.. click on the image to access the comment onlineSaturday, January 12, 13
  44. 44. meet the founder • Nima Abu-Wardeh • Nima is a bilingual English Arabic broadcast journalist specialising in Arab issues. She presents BBC World’s weekly business and finance programme, Middle East Business Report (MEBR) and was part of the team that set up the programme. She has also reported, produced and presented programmes for Al Jazeera and Dubai’s Business Channel. Before joining MEBR, Nima was a regular guest on BBC Radio 4’s Four Corners addressing Arab issues, and a guest on BBC World’s Dateline London as a regional expert. • Nima is also the founder of cashy and campus cashy. cashy is the first dedicated personal finance social media platform in the Arab world. Informative and interactive, it is available in both English and Arabic. cashy provides real world suggestions and solutions on a wide range of subjects that help individuals manage their money in all aspects of their lives, all in a friendly and entertaining format. • Campus cashy engages youth to think about the role of money in their lives. • Nima is regarded as an opinion leader and is approached by think- tanks, the corporate world and government organisations for her insight. She has written opinion pieces for Forbes Arabia and has taught media courses at Zayed University in the UAE as a visiting lecturer. Nima regularly chairs, and is a speaker at, regional and global gatherings, notably the World Economic Forum and the Arab Business Council meetings, as well as other events. • Nima is keen to encourage talent and the region’s youth and has helped create competitions that serve this purpose, such as the Scintilla Monaco poetry competition. Nima also enthusiastically promotes Arab culture, identity and unity. She has been a member of the Arab Thought Foundation’s Advisory Committee as well as a board member of the World Congress for History Producers. Nima has received awards for excellence from regional businesses and communities. She won the first Oxford Alumni debate to be held in this region, in June 2009. Nima is a Young Arab Leader.Saturday, January 12, 13
  45. 45. Contact t: @cashyme f: For more information, and to advertise on, please email uaesw@cashy.meSaturday, January 12, 13