Innovation tips for people running events


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Great tips for people running events. If you're a professional conference organiser (PCO) or someone who runs events for your organisation there's some great innovation tips in here for you.

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Innovation tips for people running events

  1. 1. PCO innovation
  2. 2. brief writingCreate the objective.T do what by when, owhere, with whom andhow.
  3. 3. 1. Establish the needs.Put yourself in the shoes of theconsumer or client. What do they thinkand what are their unmet needs?Think of what your client (this could bea colleague, a customer, a machine, agroup of people, a building) needs most(perhaps they have provided you with abrief).Then list all these needs, e.g. ‘I need newpremises, access, shelter, storage andrecreation space.’ © nils vesk 2012
  4. 4. 2. Establish the desires.Think about what response your clientdesires, not only in the service you areproviding but also as a direct result in abroader context, e.g. ‘I want to have abeautif home that makes my ulneighbours go “W ow!”’ © nils vesk 2012
  5. 5. 3. Establish the must-haves.What’s non-negotiable? What’smandatory?4. Revisit the needs.Come back to the needs again. W ork outif there are anymore needs that havesurf aced. Write them down.5. Work on it with the client.Or test it with a market group if youdon’t have a client just yet. © nils vesk 2012
  6. 6. BRIEF WRITINGExample:1. Objective: To rebuild our building with an overall budget of $X, to design an eco-friendly, award-winning office for ten people, practical but contemporary and modern inits design to suit its surroundings.2. Who am I? (establish needs from clientʼs perspective): I am a young fresh to marketsmall business with a big future. The people who spend their days inside our buildingneed to be stimulated, rested and motivated togenerate ideas every day.3. Desired response: That the business premises help attract and retain A-gradetalent. That our workers love walking into the office each day. That clients feel they wantto come here and just hang out.4. Mandatories: The building must house ten people comfortably, be environmentallyfriendly, have a sense of space and quiet reflection. Workspaces need to feel open andclean without the sense of constraint.5. Revisit the needs: Corridors will be wide with ample seating for corridorconversations to foster new ideas, and corridor walls will cultivate innovation and a teamspirit by displaying new ideas and current thinking with pictures, charts, etc.6. With the client: Branding identity is to be incorporated through the building in asubtle but ʻcoolʼ way.
  7. 7. © nils vesk 2012
  8. 8. KNOW YOUR TERRITORY ser v iC E PROc ess PRODuCt
  9. 9. KnOwYouR TeRrItORy office meeting conduct meeting research/ materials ts oin arrange meeting p ch tou create agenda determine objectives © nils vesk 2012
  10. 10. ice breakeR aha BAACODE BAACODE is th e d lov an I br USP
  11. 11. OBstRUCtion JC Decaux
  12. 12. R EVERSE BRAINSTORMING stops you something opposite innovating in between 1 emails 1 emails only 2x 1 no emails 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10
  13. 13. design experiences
  14. 14. design experiences sound smell site touch taste energy levels walk aways interactions engagements segues arrival departure security relationships order objectives debates discussions hot seat table talk graphic open space planned questions break outs facilitation spontaneity outdoor passive v active transportation messages hope activities courage expectation language context change palette & tonality exploration challenge emotion data history future strength communication risk innovationthis list of design experiences has been by inspired matt church check out f more inspiration or
  15. 15. map the experience
  16. 16. map the experience process assocations :/ oo story case study ):( o link thoughts -IP :() stuff capture stats :o detail communicate con ten wn load highlight t do * matter mental map meaning con frame nc ept tex :) co tstatement ? strategic point meta essence o models metaphors pictures ][explanation tactical
  17. 17. map the experience mapping
  18. 18. map the experience
  19. 19. surveys and metrics create a case f your or think effectiveness longterm v short terminsert surveymonkey logo what do you that want to events are a waste of money make it fun what else could I create with follow up this intel? © nils vesk 2012
  20. 20. Do you have a process/ system for capturing and collating the ideas generat ed in your business unit/ organisation? 0 1.3 2.5 3.8 5.0"strongly disagree" "disagree" "agree" "strongly agree" 00
  21. 21. profile mainstream broadcast mediaprofile yourevent digital
  22. 22. follow on ask them what they create learnt? campaign get the basic speakers to key points contribute were.... create accountability what will you do in the next 7 run f 4 or days? weeks
  23. 23. follow onHi Craig,Congratulations on your decision to join us at our Innovation Blueprint follow-onprogram. It was great working with you at our recent event and in the next 12weeks well be reinforcing some of the things we covered so that youre takingaction to help create some wicked innovation in your business.We hope that youre as excited as we are!Youve probably figured out by now that this program will be unlike any other.As with all of my events, I have designed this to be as practical and powerful aspossible. It will help you take the steps you need to take to create that wickedinnovation and cash in on it.This program isnt just about innovation its also about having fun. We want toshow you how much easier it can be to create and realise an innovation whenyoure having a ball. So get ready to take off your first task is just about to start. © nils vesk 2012
  24. 24. follow onWHAT FIRES YOU UP?There are three drivers of motivation when it comes to innovation: 1. Understanding the motivation behind your ideas. 2. Identifying what energy and resources you have to put into your ideas. 3. Being committed and accountable to your ideasDo this now: 1. Write down what is the biggest motivator for you and your innovation. 2. Stick your motivation up somewhere that you can see it. Look it at often, its your driver!Okay, so know that were getting our head around getting pumped up about innovating, letssee what ideas you might already have bubbling in that creative brain of yours. Start yourcreative motor now by completing the following idea generation exercise.Before our next module make sure that you have completed the following: 1. Listed all the motivators you have. 2. Get yourself a notebook to capture all of your ideas and thoughts in 3. Sat down with your team to see what gets them motivated. 4. Establish three key areas for innovation. © nils vesk 2012
  25. 25. PCO innovation blueprint 1. think of the things delegates dislike 2. look for inspiration beyond events design experiences 3. reverse brainstorm 4. apply ideas on specific places 1. think of how you want them to feel 5. think concepts b4 specifics 2. consider all the physical elements 3. enTRANCE and EXit experience idea 4. consider energy levels generation 5. think in movie scenes ve lo s I i thbriefwriting map the1. establish the needs experience2. establish the desires 1. start with a mind map3. establish the must-haves 2. get linear4. revisit the needs 3. story board each scene5. work on it with the client 4. use pictures 5. create a mood board PCO follow on a ah surveys & metrics 1. set up a mail chimp campaign 2. ask them what they learnt 1. set up a survey monkey account 3. summarise basic key points 2. think long term v. short term 4. ask them what they’ll do next 3. what do you want to disprove? profile 5. run for 4 weeks 4. make it fun and easy 1. create a face book page 5. follow up with the R.O.I 2. create a twitter account 3. create a linked in group 4. get people to rant 5. use Hootsuite to save time © nils vesk pty ltd 2012 ! !
  26. 26. check out PCOscheck out slideshare.netfollow me on twitter @nilsveskenrol in my online innovation course & join my us f your next event ornilsvesk.comsee me speak on august 2nd f inf or a message artist at your next