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C#.Net usually pronounced or called as C sharp, is a package of Microsoft visual studio and uses IDE (Integrated development environment) for tool sharing to create mixed language solutions. This is an environment where it is easy to develop and run software applications. This is a programming language and will use .net framework functionality. As the methods are inbuilt in this C#.Net, it will easy for programmers to even write complicated code. Most of the applications are developed in this environment as this is easy while compared to java programming language.
We are a Training Institute based in Atlanta,GA engaged in specially designed Corporate Trainings & Week-end Courses conducted by Working Professionals for various Technologies such asDotnet Online Training Sharepoint 2010 & other Microsoft Technologies, GIS & GIS Customization.
Dotnet Online Training Offers You:
-100% Job Oriented Training.
-Interactive Learning at Learner's convenience.
-Industry Savvy and Certified Professional Trainers.
-Learn Right from Your Place anywhere.
-Customized Curriculum.
-24/7 Cloud Test Lab Facility for Testing.
-Highly Affordable IT Job Oriented Courses.
-Repeat Classes without paying again and Support after Training.
-Technical Screening and Real Time scenarios discussions.
-Blogs for more knowledge and Forums for live discussions.
-Our Job portal will helps you know the job openings information..
-Professional Resume Preparation.
Course Overview:
This will help in gaining profound knowledge of C# language features,One can easily understand the features of VS.NET IDE,Will help in developing intensive database applications using ADO.NET.One can easily learn creating and managing strings, arrays, collection and enumerators with the help of .NET Frame work library.This will help in developing ability in reading and writing data streams and files, serializing and deserializing and object graph.
This will help in building applications using N-tier architecture.One will know how to use Web Services, Remoting and WCF to create distributed applications.This will help in learning some major features of .NET framework and their participation in .NET platform.This will help in creating simple to complex applications with the help of .NET framework.One can learn some of the major concepts behind CLR (Common Language Runtime).
This will make event-sender object signal, the occurrence of an action to an event-receiver object using delegates and events.This will help in learning and utilizing the concept of object orientation,With this one can efficiently create classes and interfaces which are effective and appropriate for given programming scenarios.

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Dotnet online training

  1. 1. REGISTER FOR FREE DEMO WEBSITE: EMAIL: CONTACT: US-7770771269,UK-020 33717615
  2. 2. 100% Placement Assistance Live Instructor LED Face to Face Training 100% Job Oriented Training Live Projects on Different Domains Mock Interview Sessions On Job Support
  3. 3. DOTNET ONLINE TRAINING COURSE SYLLABUS 1.INTRODUCION TO .NET  Net Frame Work  Features of Net  Common Type System (CTS)  Common Language Specifications(CLS)  Common Language Runtime(CLR)  Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)  Garbage Collection
  4. 4. .NET ONLINE TRAINING IN USA 2. C#.Net BASICS  Creating the Console applications  Explaining about Visual Studio IDE  Data Types  Type Conversions  Methods in C#  Looping  Conditional Branching
  5. 5. .NET ONLINE TRAINING  Repeating Code Blocks  Unconditional Branching  Assemblies  Building Assemblies  Viewing Assemblies  Customizing the same assemblies to the different clients  Global Assembly caching  .Dll Vs .exe
  6. 6. .NET ONLINE TRAINING 3. Object Oriented Programming  Classes and Structs  Data members and member functions  Constructor and Destructor  Method Overloading and Overriding  Abstract Classes and Methods  Defining and implementing Interfaces  Derived Interfaces  Modifiers  Inheritance and its types  Sealed class  Virtual Methods
  7. 7. DOTNET ONLINE TRAINING 4.Exception Handling  System Defined Exceptions  Custom Exceptions  Try , Catch , Finally 5. Delegates and Events, Generics  Introducing delegates  Working with Events  Introducing Generics  Generics and Arrays
  8. 8. ONLINE TRAINING .NET 6. Database Programming (ADO.NET)A Review of Classic ASP  Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net  Data Providers in .Net  Data Reader and Data List  Data Grid View with DML operations
  9. 9. TRAINING ON .NET 7. GUI Application Development  Windows forms and Controls  Creating Menus  Toolbars  Creating the user controls  Programming with Adv. Controls  Integrating the third party controls into the visual studio .net
  10. 10. DOTNET ONLINE TRAINING 8.MVC ARCHITECTURE, ADVANTAGES DEVELOPMENT  MVC Architecture  Layering the N-tier architecture 9. Windows Services and Threading  Creating Windows Services  Installing them in services.mvc  Creating Threads and Synchronization blocks
  11. 11. .NET ONLINE TRAINING IN UK 10. NET Remoting  Remoting Architecture  Developing Remoting server  Developing Remoting client  Channels, formatters, channel services  Remoting Vs Web services
  12. 12. ONLINE TRAINING .NET 11. Creating the Installers (MSI generation)  Creating Setup and deployment project  Discussion of Editors in the setup and deployment project  Setting the shortcut icon on the desktop and from the programs menu
  13. 13. IT Online Training & Placement  (H2Kinfosys) which is a high profiled Training Institute based in Atlanta, GA. H2K Offering Software Courses are software testing courses QA, Adv.QTP, LoadRunner and BA, Informatica, SAP(All Modules), Oracle Applications, People Soft, MS.NET, JAVA, SQL Server, Data warehousing, Business Analyst, PHP, Online Training for the students who are located in the US, UK, Australia and all over the world by a Real Time Professionals.
  14. 14. Register FREE DEMO  Live Instructor LED Face to Face Training  100% Job Oriented Training  Live Projects on Different Domains  Mock Interview Sessions  On Job Support (USA): 770 777 1269 | (UK): 020 3371 7615 Email: /