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Freyr brochure ver4_01

  1. 1. Freyr Corporate
  2. 2. PhilosophyFreyr is a specialist strategic consultant catering tocompanies within the Life Sciences Sector acrossglobal markets. At Freyr, we focus on positivechange, and believe in delivering value throughsimplicity. We strive to achieve excellence in thework we do and progress a step ahead to envisionthe trends and inculcate it in our offerings, thesuccess of which we measure in the success andsatisfaction of our customers.We pride ourselves with a diverse and global teamof life sciences experts with industry knowledge,exposure to global regulations, strategicconsulting back ground & technology know-how.Our deep domain knowledge in regulatory, safety,clinical functions (process, data, regulations andtechnology), operational excellence in high-valueand low-cost services and a passion for innovativesolutions and services, constitutes the DNA ofFREYR.We believe in the same philosophy that youdo: to make lives ‘Better’, ‘Healthier’ and more ‘Prosperous’.Our deep domain knowledge in regulatory, safety, clinical functions(process, data, regulations and technology), operational excellencein high-value and low-cost services and a passion for innovativesolutions and services, constitutes the DNA of FREYR.We believe in the same philosophy that you do: to make lives ‘Better’,‘Healthier’and more‘Prosperous’.
  3. 3. CompetencyRegulatory Solutions & Services Software Solutions Other ServicesFreyr is dedicated to enabling effective collaboration and implementation ofstreamlined work flows in the life sciences domainFreyrisdedicatedtoenablingeffectivecollaborationand implementation of streamlined work flowsin the life sciences domain. We deliver simplicitythroughdesign,creationthroughskillanddeliverythrough trust. We are change agents; we simplifythe Regulatory Processes, Pharmacovigilanceservices, Document Management and RegulatorySubmissions, so that our clients may work moreand worry less. We specialize in a wide variety ofsoftware solutions & regulatory services rangingfrom EVMPD / IDMP, eCTD, Electronic Trial MasterFile, Regulatory Document Management, SPL,Safety Case Processing Services, RegulatorySubmissions Outsourcing, Global RegulatoryAffairs&StrategyConsulting,ProductRegistrationsManagement to an over-arching platform of End-to-End Regulatory Information Management &Regulatory Services Outsourcing. Freyr also offersDrug Safety Case Processing services.
  4. 4. 1Regulatory Solutions & ServicesRegulatory Smart SourcingElectronic Submissions PublishingGlobal Regulatory OperationsRegulatory Information ManagementGlobal Regulatory Affairs & Strategy Consulting
  5. 5. 2Freyr EVMPD ManagementFreyr eTMF Clinical Document ManagementFreyr Regulatory Document ManagementSoftware Solutions
  6. 6. 3Other ServicesPharmacovigilance ServicesFreyr eTMF ServiceEVMPD/IDMP ServicesCosmetic Safety Services
  7. 7. AdaptabilityFreyr solutions are highlycustomizable and adaptsto your processes andprocedures.Freyr believes in enriching customer experience byoffering customized solutions. Freyr offer tailoredimplementation with regards to regulatory servicesandconsultation,documents,submissions,cosmeticsafety, pharmacovigilance services and data. Webelieve that every business is niche in its own senseand hence we provide the relevant solution foreach of the businesses. With over thousandsof global submissions under our belt, we havesuccessfully aided companies worldwide withtheir submission requirements and complianceneeds. Freyr solutions are highly customizableand adapts to your processes and procedures.“”
  8. 8. www.freyrinc.comUS : 103 Carnegie Centre, Suite 300, Princeton, NJ - 08540, Phone: +1 908 345 5984India : 606, Navaketan Complex, S.D. Road, Hyd - 500003, Phone: +91-40-40117020Copyrights © 2013 Freyrinc, All Rights Reserved.