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Ppt Push The Pipeline

  1. 1. AIESEC in ITALY …..is proud to introduce to all of you…
  2. 2. Push the Pipeline Campaig
  3. 3. Why do we need to run such a campaign?
  4. 4. … because this is how our current Exchange reality look like globally: Exchange Pipeline - Ratios As you can quickly see from this table, there are 2 times more MT EP than available MT TN opportunities for them… Type TN EP DT 1366 653 ET 563 212 MT 1307 2977 TT 644 618 Total 3880 4460
  5. 5. How can we overcome this situation? In 2 easy steps! 1) Focus on MT TN raising based on the available profiles 2) Diversify your EP raising focusing on the DT pool
  6. 6. What about TN raising?
  7. 7. Some facts about TNs: • TN raising doesn’t stop just because summer is coming! • Plus, since our system is full of MT EPs looking for their life changing opportunities, you have the chance to do TARGETED TN raising promoting the most popular features of current MT profiles! • Focus on re-raising • Do not use the crisis as a thread, but as an opportunity: our interns can run short term project in the company, moreover they are tax-free and they can cover temporary Job description... UNDERLINE OUR STRENGHTS!
  8. 8. WANNA GROW MORE????????
  9. 9. APPLY FOR THE TN RAISING CAMPAIGN PROMOTED BY AI!!!! See the wiki: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.d SUBSCRIBE to be IN THE SPOTLIGHT... GLOBALY!!!
  10. 10. Why DT pool for EPs ?
  11. 11. Exchange Pipeline - Ratios Type TN EP DT 1366 653 ET 563 212 MT 1307 2977 TT 644 618 Total 3880 4460 Because as you can quickliy see again, there is 2 times more DT TN opportunities on the system than DT EP available for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 12. How to grow in DT realization?  If you have any MT EP “hard to match”, Try to promote him/her DT projects with some connections to management issues (ex: “Myself, My World” in Turkey, “YES” in Nigeria..)  Focus on promotion of concrete opportunities to a diversified audiences: 1) run presentation events or communication campaign in different faculties, 2) run internal promotion among your lc memebers who will not have an active role in the next 3/4 months 3) get in touch with other youth association to promote summer DT internships 4) use web 2.0 (facebook, youtube, filckr, twitter…) to promote summer DT internships
  13. 13. How to sell DT summer internships? KEY SELLING POINTS: -It’s an opportunity to get to know other cultures and lifestyles, improving you english skills -It’s an opportunity to live an international work-life experience that can add a big value in your CV, no matter the field of work you will experiment -It’s an opportunity to spend your summer abroad in a cheap way (food and accomodation are provided in all the projetcs) -It can be a nice start of an international career: after this DT experience you might apply for another internship in a different pool, having a stonger background by your side.
  14. 14. Which are some available opportunities? In AFRICA: • ASK PROJETC (example: TN-In-UG-MK-2009-1338) : issue is HIV and the aim is to educate the population on the issue delivering workshop and trainings •YES PROJECT (example : TN-In-NG-IL-2009-1267): conduct and facilitate meetings and workshops with the local community to empower them with entrepreneurial skills. • AFRICAN TOURISM PROGRAM (example: TN-In-UG-MK-2009-1349 ): Working with local students towards the development of tourism experiences and services based on industry networking and gaining a network of contact. • SWITCH PROJECT (example: TN-In-UG-MK-2009-1343): Deliver sessions to High school students for them to gain skills on how to use computer packages to there advantage. The direct objective is to increase computer literacy skills among the youth.
  15. 15. In CEE : • WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS (Ukraine): see an example at TN-In-UA-KH- 2009-1267. The project is based on working with youth of 15-16 years old from schools delivering training on multi-culturalism. •MYSELF MY WORLD (Turkey): see example at TN-In-TR-IS-2009-2166. The project is based on education of students around multi functional skills and organizations of sereval events like global villages, country presentations and trainings. •Young and Perspective (Russia):see example at TN-In-RU-UF-2009-1102. The project is around HIV/AIDS Education. For further explanation and cooperation with LC UFA add Lyza Myachina on Skype (liza.myachina) ……AND PLENTY MORE TO LOOK FOR ON MYAIESEC:NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 16. In MENA : • AMOZ and ROUBAN ROUGE(Morocco): see an example at TN-In-MA-AN- 2009-1044 . Working on a concert that is part of "hand in hand against AIDS" project And don’t forget about our successful cooperation with Tunisia!!!! They can supply for us short term MT TNs around import-export with Italy!!! Wanna hear a story about it? Contact our italian intern in Tunisia, currently working on marketing field! serena.garelli@gmail.com
  17. 17. In IBEROAMERICA : …… CHECK OUT “SER MAS” INITIATIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here you are the link for the SER MAS WIKI http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10023074
  19. 19. LCs that will manage to RAISE-MATCH and REALIZE the highest number of DT Eps will be REWARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THE RECOGNITION OF OUR NETWORK!