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Look Out For Few Worst Games of 2014


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Here is the presentation to show you few worst games of previous year according to gamebuddies.

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Look Out For Few Worst Games of 2014

  1. 1. Worst Games of Last Year,2014
  2. 2.  We’re entering that time of year where all the biggest and blockbusteriest games are on their way. While money doesn’t always guarantee success, it certainly does help and you’ll most likely be hard- pressed to find a game that actually gets downright slammed by all the critics.  That doesn’t mean that 2014 hasn’t had some bad games so far. It also had some of the very worst games ever released actually.  Here are some biggest disappointments of last year.
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  4. 4.  Developer: Aksys Game  Platform: Sony PlayStation 3 Magus is not an entertaining game. It suffers from repetitive gameplay, bugs, glitches, and abhorrent visuals. Worse still, it’s expensive, with the release currently commanding a laughable $24.99 price point on the PlayStation Store. Put your time and money towards something better than this. Magus doesn't offer any stand out feature, which makes it difficult to get too excited over.
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  6. 6.  Developer: Sega  Platform: Nintendo Wii U Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric is a real disappointment for Sonic fans. There is basically nothing positive to say about this game. Sonic deserves much better. It’s admirable that Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric tries so many new things, but every path it follows is a dead end. Simply put, Sonic Boom is one of the worst Sonic games in recent memory: the concept is bland, the design is awful and the execution is incredibly poor.
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  8. 8.  Developer: Bloober Tea  Platform: Sony PlayStation 4 Basement Crawl is a reasonably-priced, well-made game lacking the features to make it a must-have. It simply doesn’t offer enough as a multiplayer-only game to fully recommend as a purchase to anyone other than folks who are dying for Bomberman on the PS4.
  9. 9. content/uploads/2014/04/soul-calibur-lost-swords-characters-list.jpg
  10. 10.  Developer : Project Soul  Platform : PS3  Release Date: February 6,2014 The swords aren’t the only things Bandai Namco lost while making this lousy fighter. They also lost the point of SoulCalibur, one of the greatest fighting franchises ever, by shamelessly converting it into a microtransaction- heavy, free-to-play mess with massive load times and zero multiplayer. Our souls are weeping.
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  12. 12. Initial release date: February 21, 2014 Developer: Teyon Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft The most dangerous man alive stars in the most depressing video game of 2014. Your mission? Shoot to kill, but don’t move, because this on-rails mess forces you to awkwardly nudge a cursor around the screen to incessantly blast anything with a pulse. No wonder Rambo is so angry.
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