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Growthanomics's 10 week challenge week one summary awareness


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In this presentation we share a few of the insights we gathered in our survey about what kind of experiences create and affect awareness. This is part of our '10 week challenge' to uncover the experiences that move our audience down the sales and marketing funnels.

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Growthanomics's 10 week challenge week one summary awareness

  1. 1. Growthanomics
  2. 2. Growthanomics The 10 Week Challenge: Growthanomics uncovers the essence of the ‘Experience Funnel’. We dig deep to find the building blocks of the experiences that move the needle at each stage of the B2B sales and marketing funnels.
  3. 3. Growthanomics The ‘10 week challenge’ will give experts in the marketing, customer success and customer experience fields an in depth understanding of how to create experiences that move the needle for their business. Our research consists of existing academic studies in psychology and business, a unique 10 week survey and interviews. The following slides share some of the findings from our first survey. Week #1 focused on the top of the funnel: Awareness
  4. 4. Growthanomics ? How does your audience feel when they engage with your awareness campaigns ?
  5. 5. Growthanomics The best content I came across in the past 6 weeks was?* * Videos were mentioned on blog posts, articles and business papers and were less than 12% overall.
  6. 6. When engaging with this content I felt I should (examples): Growthanomics Test different ads on youtube Start my new startup venture Run the same activities with my customers Buy some books Contribute to a collective/ political project. It made me want to examine my hiring process Edit my wardrobe :-) Print it Be more proactive. Change my current way of thinking. go back to Japan
  7. 7. It made me want to (examples): Growthanomics Produce this myself Share it Talk about it Buy some books Revise my blog Pass it on Call a meeting Do something about it Take action Change my life See what others are doing Shop Be more aware Learn more
  8. 8. Growthanomics How many times did you think about or mention this content?
  9. 9. How did you use this content?
  10. 10. Growthanomics Examples of content that left a mark on our participants (with links): s://
  11. 11. Growthanomics Food for thought before we share the full study - Awareness can be measured by more than clicks, visits and time spent on site - When users think, feel, talk & act (or want to act) that’s proof the experience sticks - Since usually time passes between the awareness and interest phase - creating a memorable experience will serve your brand when the user is in their interest phase. - A strong experience brings in a viral effect both online and offline
  12. 12. Growthanomics Thank you so much for for taking part in the first week of our ‘10 Week Challenge’. You will be the first to enjoy the full research and insights once it’s complete. Please take a few moments two support us with week #2. This week we uncover the experiences that generate and show an interest