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  1. 1. APresentation on“Consulting & Performance Counseling”Prepared By Nilesh SenSubmitted to Prof. Laxman Rathore
  2. 2. Definition of OD• “Organization Development is the attempt toinfluence the members of an organization toexpand their candidness with each other abouttheir views of the organization and theirexperience in it, and to take greaterresponsibility for their own actions asorganization members.”
  3. 3. OD Practitioner StylesStabilizerStyleCheerleaderStyleAnalyzerStylePersuaderStylePathfinderStyle
  4. 4. MoraleEffectivenessCheerleader PathfinderStabilizer AnalyzerLowLowHighHighPractitioner StylesPersuader
  5. 5. What is consultancy??• “Management consulting is the practice ofhelping organizations to improve theirperformance, primarily through the analysis ofexisting organizational problems anddevelopment of plans for improvement.”
  6. 6. Consultancy Industry• The Consulting Industry has been growing at amuch higher pace in the recent years.• The consulting industry has witnessed aconsiderable increase in the number of newcomers in this field exploring all the industries.• The main aim has always been to gain marketshare in this highly consolidated and competitiveenvironment, primarily by capitalizing on thepertinent factors driving it.
  7. 7. Types of ConsultancyInternalConsultantExternalConsultantExternal-InternalConsultant
  8. 8. Internal ConsultantMember of theOrganizationReport to thePresident of theOrganizationUsed by MajorOrganizationsManager /ODPractitioner/HRDepartment
  9. 9. Advantages of Internal ConsultantPersonalInterestFamiliar with theorganizationalCulture & NormsMostUniversitieshave includedOD ProgramsKnown toWorkforce
  10. 10. Disadvantages of InternalConsultantLack ofSpecializedSkillsBiasnessLack ofPower andAuthorityLack ofObjectivity
  11. 11. External ConsultantFrom OutsidetheOrganizationDirect &OutspokenVery BroadCareer BasePositive rolesChallenges the ClientOpinion
  12. 12. Advantages of External ConsultantHelp the organizationto understand theBusiness ProblemGreater freedomof OperationObjectiveAble to get theInformationCost EffectiveUnbiased
  13. 13. Disadvantages of External ConsultantUnfamiliar withOrganizationDifficulty inInformationgathering
  14. 14. Facts and figuresFACTORS DATACAGR 4.1%Main fields Corporate,OutsourcingHROperationMarketing33.539.22008-09 2011-012Revenue(bi.,$)
  15. 15. Nature of projects – move towards high-end strategy consultingNiche management consulting firms are specialists that focus onparticular function(s) or set of industries.Public sector consulting projectsIndustry structure – move towards greater market segmentationGlobal management consulting firms have an edge over “lowcost” domestic playersEmerging trends in Indianmanagement consulting
  16. 16. Paid’ management consulting services – move towardsgreater acceptanceOperational consulting firms could be both divisions ofglobal firms or individual firms tackling operationalproblems.
  17. 17. Contd…..
  18. 18. Purpose of Counseling• Determine the cause of the employee’sactivities• Identify avenues for improvement and/ordevelopment• Improve employee performance
  19. 19. When to Counsel• When more action is required by the supervisorfollowing feedback and coaching• Re-establish Expectations• Not all unacceptable behavior warrants discipline:Usually minor infractions, or case of first offense by along term employee require counseling
  20. 20. The Counseling Process:Before the Session• Define your objectives.• Have all documentationavailable• Review all facts• Create an outline• Arrange for privacy• Verbally inform the employeein person and in private whatthe meeting is about, and whereand when it is to take place
  21. 21. If you can help, offer it, do itShow sincere interest in the employeeListen. Do not interruptLook for the root cause of the problemCounsel in privateCounsel in a timely mannerCounseling processMinimizing conflicts
  22. 22. After Counseling• Summarize key points of the counseling onrelevant form• Give the employee the form to review/initial.• If the employee gave written input, attach it.• Give the employee a copy and keep theoriginal to use for the next counseling session.
  23. 23. Attrition ratereducesOrganizationget feedbackEfficiency ofemployeesboost upEmployeesfeel ValuableIncrease inEmployeesMoraleMotivated &Dedicatedworkforce