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Advance database management project


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Advance database management project

  1. 1. Mountain View Community Hospital Case Study Shyam Sridhar Monica Kore Parth Sheth Nilesh Padwal
  2. 2. TODAY 1. MVCH : An Introduction 2. MVCH Organizational Goals 3. MVCH Enterprise System Architecture 4. MVCH Data Management 5. Project Outlook 6. Technical Glossary 7. Sample Code Snippets 8. Screen Shots 9. Conclusion
  3. 3. MVCH : An Introduction  Small, non profit, general hospital.  Provides high quality, cost effective health services to surrounding community in compassionate, caring & personalized manner.  MVCH provides key services – general medical, surgical care, diagnostic services etc.  Community population is 60,000, with annual growth rate of 10% .  MVCH strives to meet needs of growing community.
  4. 4. MVCH : Organizational Goals  MVCH plans to expand its capacity and develop an information system to manage its administrative and medical facilities.  Facilities include Patient care administration & services, clinical services and administrative & support services directly related to patients.  Efficient Data management using centralized data repositories running relational database software (Oracle). To expand into a global medical powerhouse using new financial and marketing strategies.
  5. 5. MVCH : Enterprise System Architecture The Three Tier Architecture
  6. 6. MVCH : Data Management Patient Schema Patient Data Patient Services Data Human Resources Schema Employee Data Payroll and Timesheet Management Finances Schema Payment Data Budget/Revenue Data Infrastructure Schema Inventory Management Room Management Supply Chain Schema Vendor Management
  7. 7. MVCH : Data Flow
  8. 8. Project Outlook  MVCH Web application enables global access to the MVCH database and helps streamline business processes. The application would consist of a user friendly Graphic User Interface(GUI) which would ease the process of online data transactions. The data pertaining to MVCH Organization is stored in a relational schema and thus data resides over multiple tables with integrity constraints being preserved. MVCH data sources act as OLTP systems with high computational and transactional capabilities.
  10. 10. Technical Glossary FRAMEWORK & WEB TECHNOLOGIES: 1. SPRING MVC 2. Java Server Pages(JSP) 3. HTML 4. Java SE 5. XML 6.CSS 7. JavaScript 8. Apache Tomcat Server 7.0
  11. 11. Initial ER Model Hospital PK Hospital Code Name Address Physician PK Physician Id Name FK1 Hospital Code Patient PK Patient Number Patient Name Patient Address Age FK1 Physician Id Item PK Item Code Item DescriptionWard PK Ward Id Capacity Name FK1 Hospital Code Employee PK EmployeeId Name Age Salary Patient Charges PK,FK1 Patient Number PK,FK2 Item Code Amount Assignment PK,FK1 Ward Id PK,FK2 EmployeeId DurationOfShift DateOfShift Order FK1 Physician Id FK2 Patient Number
  12. 12. Enhanced ER Model
  13. 13. Sample Code Snippets Application Logic (PL/SQL)
  14. 14. Sample Code Snippets Application Logic (PL/SQL)
  15. 15. Sample Code Snippets Application Logic (POJO)
  16. 16. Sample Code Snippets Application Logic (POJO)
  17. 17. Application Screenshots
  18. 18. Application Screenshots
  19. 19. Application Screenshots
  20. 20. Application Screenshots
  21. 21. MVCH : Conclusion The web-application developed would enable Mountain View Community Hospital to easily manage its data repository which includes all operational data sources. Simple to use, user friendly GUI would ease the process of online data transactions. Organization data, specific to the user, could be accessed efficiently through the Web Portal.
  22. 22. THANK YOU