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SMO Best Practices


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SMO examples

Published in: Business, Technology
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SMO Best Practices

  1. 1. Social Media Optimization andSocial Media Press RoomsBest Practices
  2. 2. Social MediaOptimizationEvent PromotionVideo streamintegration Polls SMO –API based 1
  3. 3. Social Media on Navigation bar – API based page dedicated to Social Networking SOCIAL tab in the Navigation
  4. 4. How do we Social Media widget on the Home Page Social Media Integrated on Home Page Features Option to sign into the • Social Networking Sites social network from the with Livestreaming of feeds Home Page • Options to connect with us on social networks via chosen Livestreaming of Tabs conversations on selected Social Network
  5. 5. How to Engage Website Visitors – Use of Instant Polls and Videos Features • PR topics based Polls to be changed every Month Polls with instant results • Findings of the poll to be used for our white papers, info graphics and blogs • Integrating Videos on the Home page will give prospects an Video integration on opportunity to know more about us Home Page – AV impact • We can display our Introduction Videos and also shoot videos introducing our Top Management and Case studies
  6. 6. Dedicated SocialNetworking PageFeatures• Social Network API widgets• All Social Engagementsdisplayed on one page• Follow Buttons –Opportunity to get newfollowers on the platform oftheir choice
  7. 7. Press Room with Social Media Integration – Sharing, Bookmarking and LinkedIn based Features of Social Media Press Room1. Excerpt and Link to the Media Coverage2. Sharing Possibilities3. Multimedia Gallery4. RSS and Blogs5. Linked Profile Links of Management6. Event Schedules7. Whitepapers