Online strategies for PR Agencies


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Online strategies for Public Relations agencies - For Start up's and Grown up's.

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Online strategies for PR Agencies

  1. 1. Building and Online Presence Plan 2011-12
  2. 2.  Identify Top PR in India and study their Online engagement activities Create a completive analysis on Indian PR agencies and their presence on Social Media channels Identify Best Practice Develop a SWOT analysis and build an Online/Social presence strategies around the analysis
  3. 3.  Marketing - Reaching out our Target Audience online Lead Generation – Set up an inbound lead generation process that drives enquiries Networking & Collaboration – Connecting with influencers and prospects alike and creating conversations beneficial to objectives Public Relation – Staying connected with stakeholders through 2 way dialogs on various online platforms Thought Leadership – Position as leaders through insightful engagement on online platforms Loyalty Building – Creating loyal followers through consistent conversations across online channels Now that we know how Getting Online will benefit agencies – Let‟s see what other agencies are doing online.
  4. 4. Competitive Research Findings Best Practices on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube & Blog
  5. 5. Activities on Facebook Fans Message Likes Comment Landing Careers Discussion Polls Notes Frequency s /Post Page s GBM 534 1 3/4 3 Yes Yes Yes No NoHanmer 492 1 10/15 8 to 10 Yes No No Yes No MSL alternate day20:20 306 1 in 10 5-10 1 to 2 No No No No No MSL days comment sBest Practices• 1-2 Posts Per dayGood utilization of tabs incl. “Workfor us” tab• Reciprocal “Likes”• Decent Landing Page• Use of Polls• Facebook based applications(forms, Jobs etc)
  6. 6. Activities on Twitter Followers Following Daily Message @Reply Link Tracking Frequency Frequency2020 MS&L 1715 521 1 to 10 per day 2 to 3 replies but not on regular basisText 100 1269 594 1 to 4 per day Most active on but not on replies regular basis Edelman 1253 512 1 to 4 per day 2 to 3 per Month Best Practices • 1-7 Tweets Per Day • Extensive use of # tags (#PR) • Very active in replying and mentioning people/companies • Active use of (hootsuite) – measuring link clicks
  7. 7. Activities on You Tube Videos Subscribers Subscriptions Channel Views Upload Views Edelman 60+ 228 9 21750 60911MSL Group 22 110 NA 3078 2386Best Practices• Regular cross promotion of videos• Regular comments• Highly Optimized Videos
  8. 8. Activities on Blogs Posts/Mont Topics Community Guest Newsletters RSS SMO h Covereed Integration Bloggers Text 100 15 PR, Analytics, Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (USA) Social Media and NewsGenesis BM 3 Communicat No Yes No Yes Yes ion & CR Best Practices • Weekly Blog posts • Optimized Articles • On Page SEO • Off Page SEO • Guest Articles • Blog Links • Comments • Cross Promotion
  9. 9. Activities on Linkedin Co.Profile Groups Twitter Blog Slideshare Followers Integration Integration IntegrationElelman Yes Yes Yes No No 11091Adfactors Yes Yes No No No 462 Best Practices • Create Groups (PR, Digital PR, ORM) • Participate in the groups • Social Media Optimization • API integration on the Website
  10. 10. Activities on Slideshare Company Presentat Documen Post Views Share Pro Followers Following Profile ions ts Frequenc Total feature Account Uploaded Uploaded y/monthEdelman Yes 33 9 1 6000+ Yes Yes NA NAHanmer Yes 0 13 1 to 3 1300+ No No 33 1 /2020 Best Practices • 1 Upload per month • Presentations on Current Topics • Share Docs • Share Videos
  11. 11. Building an Online Strategy
  12. 12. STRENGHTS WEAKNESS1. Strong Brand Presence 1. No Website2. Presence in Indian Market 2. No Social Presence3. ORM expertise 3. No Online lead generation mechanism4. Well defined services 4. Account Managers not very social media savvy 5. No 3rd party vendors for digital activities 6. No case studies to showcase work done so far OPPORTUNITIES THREATS1. Competitors not very evolved when it comes to online 1. Cost of using propriety tools are very high presence 2. Competition within PR agencies is very High2. Availability of range of ready to use web tools 3. Competition with Digital Agencies3. Social Media with PR angle 4. Cost of operations4. Build Low Cost Technology 5. No In-house support (technical)5. Increase in Social Media Marketing Demand 6. We do not have defined set of services6. Decent pool of existing clients 7. Account Managers not online/social media savvy7. ORM based pitches8. Decent pool of propriety tools
  13. 13. Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W)  SO Strategies  WO StrategiesOpportunities (O)  ST Strategies  WT Strategies Threats (T)
  14. 14. WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES 1. Competitors not very evolved1. No Website when it comes to online presence2. No Social Presence 2. Availability of range of ready to3. No Online lead generation use web tools mechanism 3. Social Media with PR angle4. Account Managers not very social 4. Build Low Cost Technology media savvy 5. Increase in Social Media Marketing5. No 3rd party vendors for digital Demand activities 6. Decent pool of existing clients6. No case studies to showcase 7. ORM based pitches work done so far 8. Decent pool of propriety tools 1. Build Online Presence (Website, Social Networks, Blogs and Landing Pages) 2. Get Managers to read and/or contribute to the Social Networking activities 3. Project your agency as thought leaders in ORM, Digital PR and Social Media 4. Create a Lead Generation Engine through Online presence, White Papers and Webinars
  15. 15. Communication, Plan,Framework & Ecosystem
  16. 16. Suggestions: Facebook ActivitiesPlanned Activities Next Steps• Build a Landing Page • Design the Facebook page• Integrate Social Media • Collect videos and other content to be• Integrate Blogs, Real time tweets displayed on the page• Videos • Plan content for 2 months (Polls,• Enquiry Form Messages, articles etc.)• Contests • Plan content for the Facebook Page• Case studies (Services, Locations, Case studies, awards• Daily updates etc.) • This activity needs to be supported byFrequency of Activities content and the Newsletter teams CostsMinimum 1 message per dayPoll of the week (Weekly Poll) • Designing the official CVWS page • Hosting the page
  17. 17. Suggestions: Twitter Activities Next StepsPlanned Activities • Design a branded background for our• Reputation Management based Twitter handleknowledge sharing • Plan messaging strategy• Best of twitter 3rd party tools • Plan Reciprocal Linking Strategy• Link monitoring • Execute Twitter strategy• Reciprocal linking• Optimal use of Twitter API in other Costs – No Costs for setting up Twittersocial networking sites we create(Blog, Facebook & Linkedin) Creating # tagsFrequency of Activities Create #tags for cvws on particular days • Eg: #ormonwednesday – push messages• Minimum 5 message per day on this hash tag every Wednesday• Regular @Replies • #FollowFriday – We follow people only• Regular Follows based on Keyword on Fridays and mention themSearch • We create such #tags and use them on regular basis Twitter SEO • List our twitter account on most popular Twitter directories • @mentions with shortened URL‟s • Tools – Klout will be used to monitor our progress on Twitter and Hootsuite for creating/measuring URL clicks
  18. 18. Suggestions: You Tube ActivitiesPlanned Activities Next Steps• Start the channel with 4-5 videos • Set up You Tube channel• Each video will be optimized for • Design the You Tube pagesearch engines • Collect videos and other content to be• Reciprocal linking displayed on the page• Cross promotion of videos across • Plan content for 2 months (Video Tags,all social networks Messages etc.)• Personalized BackgroundsFrequency of Activities• Minimum 2 videos to be uploaded Costs – No Costs for setting up You Tubeevery month account and designing the Page• Communicate with Subscribers andfollow like minded channels
  19. 19. Suggestions: Blog ActivitiesPlanned Activities Next Steps• Each blog post will be optimized • Set up a blog sub domain(On Page and Off Page) • Design a blog template• Blog submissions to 50+ • Finalise blog content categoriessubmission sites • Plan content for 2 months• Guest contributors • List out potential Guest Bloggers (WS• Branded blog template International)• SEO friendly – Improved rankings on • This activity needs to be supported bySearch Engines Content teams and other branches• RSS CostsFrequency of Activities • Blog template design • CSS and coding to personalise the blog• Minimum 1 Blog post per week • CMS Tweaking• Communicate with Subscribers and • Blog Hostingstart a process of reciprocal linkingby commenting on other blogs(Corporate and Individual bloggers)• Blog SEO (On Page and Off Page)• Social Bookmarking
  20. 20. Suggestions: Slideshare ActivitiesPlanned Activities Next Steps• Start with 1-2 • Set up a slideshare accountPresentation/docs/videos on our • Design a backgroundofficial channel • Source presentations (2 minimum)• White Papers and Research • Plan content for 2 monthsuploaded on the account • This activity needs to be supported by• Videos to be shared on the account content teams and other branches• Paid account (preferably) Costs – Only Cost involved is the „Pro‟• SMO (Blog, Linkedin and Facebook) AccountFrequency of Activities Presentations & Documents to be uploaded• Minimum 1-2 presentation permonth 1. PR/ORM based trends• Communicate with Subscribers and 2. Researchstart a process of reciprocal linking 3. Training session (snap shots)by commenting on other 4. White paperspresentations (Corporate and 5. Case studiesIndividual bloggers) 6. Videos
  21. 21.  White Papers – 4 White Papers/year Webinars – 1 Webinar in 2011- 2 in  Claim all offices on foursquare 2012  Set deals (e.g: coffee and Landing Pages (Service Specific) consultation/free white Website Search Engine Optimization paper) Mobile App and Newsletters on ORM  Create a Page on foursquare  Facebook Integration of checkins (more for workplace motivation + internal contests)  Quora and other Communities online
  22. 22. Social Media Framework Channel & Community Enable Functional Areas Value Creation through Conservations Integration Listen Marketing Community Interaction Extract Value Respond and Build Trust Branding Influence Community Collaboration Collaboration Service Content Syndication Sales Community Creation
  23. 23. Online Ecosystem in 6 Months Post Implementation
  24. 24. MONTH 1 MONTH2 WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4PlatformSelection/AccountCreationSurvey QuestionsFinalizationFacebook/Twitter/YouTube /BlogPersonalizationContent Planning andcollectionWhite PaperPreparationAnnouncement andLaunch with Free WPgive away
  25. 25. Potential Costs Hosting Fixed Annual Facebook Page Design Fixed One Time Page Hosting Fixed Annual Page Maintenance Variable Project based Blog Template Design Fixed One Time Template Coding Fixed One Time Hosting Fixed Annual Tools Survey Forms Fixed Monthly Radian6 Fixed Monthly Hootsuite Fixed Monthly Swix Campaign Manger Fixed Monthly
  26. 26. Thank you for visiting my presentation!All the very best with your social media strategy!!