Senior Citizen Crime Prevention


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A presentation for Senior Citizens about common scams used to get your money

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Senior Citizen Crime Prevention

  1. 1. Confidence Crimes and Scams Niles Police Department Crime Prevention Unit Chief of Police Dean H. Strzelecki
  2. 2. Crime TriangleABILITY DESIRE CRIME
  3. 3. Con (CON-fidence) Crimes Gain people’s confidence Work on people’s traits Done quickly to avoid time to think Done for financial gain
  4. 4. Lessons from the Grandma Scam Get you to say the name Not how bonds are handled Why is this person where they said? Do not trust Caller ID
  5. 5. Lessons from Ruse Entry Scam Look for other indicators, such as vehicle Inquire who you can call to verify Never admit you are home alone IDs are good to check…If you know what to look for
  6. 6. Other takes on Ruse Entry Can my child use your restroom  Why your house? I need water for….  Use the hose outside  Does the story make sense?
  7. 7. If Ruse Entry Fails Home Invasion?  Remain as calm as possible  Listen to what Offenders say Avoid opportunity to get in Start Help responding
  8. 8. Home Repair Scam Repairs not needed Work not performed or performed substandard Change price of work
  9. 9. Pigeon Drop =
  10. 10. Lottery Scam Lottery Scam Types  Fake Ticket  Pay taxes up front
  11. 11. Mystery Shopper Scam You may receive a letter from a company asking you to be a mystery shopper for them. They will send you a “very real looking check” in varying amounts—up to $4,995. They will ask you to fill out an acceptance form and send it back to them with your personal information. They want you to call them before you cash the check. Once you cash the check, they want you to wire transfer some of the money back.
  12. 12. Charity Scam  Phone  Door to Door  Outside of Stores
  13. 13. Electronic Scams  Telephone Scams  Fraudulent Area Codes (809, 284, 876)  Voice Mail Fraud (“push 1”)  Calling Card Fraud – know your carrier  Switching long distance companies  Cellular phone “cloning”
  14. 14. Other Phone Scams Missed Jury Duty Didn’t pay for ticket –red light cameras Do not give information over the phone  They should have the information
  15. 15. Electronic Scams continued Internet Fraud  Financial  Same Scams – updated technology  Know who and how you provide information  Fraudulent sites  Pop up ads  Links to other sites
  16. 16. E-mail Scams Types  Hide Foreign Money  Win Foreign Lottery Clues  Always grammatical errors  Of all the e-mails in the world – how did they pick yours??  Story really does not make sense
  17. 17. Electronic Scams -email E-MAIL SCAM
  18. 18. Avoiding Scams Take time to think and ask:  “Why is this person doing this?”  “What is in it for them?”  “Does this really make sense?” Get a second opinion Check Internet  Call the Police
  19. 19. Identity Theft Obtained through  Theft  Cons and Scams  Electronic Means Review Credit History often Protect your information
  20. 20. ATM Fraud Protect your card Protect your PIN Skimmers and cameras Review your bank statements
  21. 21. Skimmers
  22. 22. Skimmer installed
  23. 23. Camera
  24. 24. Camera installed
  25. 25. Property Protection Purse Theft  Watch Purse  Put in vehicle 1st  Do not carry everything you own with you  Carry purse to avoid targeting Burglary to Vehicles  Keep items out of view Locker Theft  Only bring what you need  Use locks and lockers
  26. 26. Summary If it is to good to be true it is Eliminate Opportunity SLOW DOWN and THINKCALL THE POLICE !!!!
  27. 27. Thank YouIf you would like to have a Presentation for your community group call us 847-588-6500