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Basic crime prevention


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A presentation on Crime Prevention for general public consumption

Published in: Education
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Basic crime prevention

  1. 1. Niles Police Department Crime Prevention Unit Officer Ron Brandt
  2. 2. Types of Crimes• Crimes Against Person• Crimes Against Property• Crimes Against Society
  3. 3. Crimes as they relate to YOU• Crimes that will hurt YOU• Crimes against your home, business or property• Crimes that affect your quality of life
  4. 4. Crimes Against Person• Assault and Battery• Sexual Assaults
  5. 5. Crimes Against a Person and Property• Robbery• Extortion• Theft from Person (pickpocket)• Confidence scams
  6. 6. Property Crimes• Burglary• Theft• Financial Crimes• Vehicles• Retail Theft
  7. 7. Crimes Against Society• Traffic Laws• Morality Issues• Ordinances
  8. 8. Elements of a Crime• Desire• Ability• Opportunity CRIME
  9. 9. We can only eliminate Opportunityby “Target Hardening”
  10. 10. Ways of Target Hardening• LOCKS• Windows• Lights• Environmental Design
  11. 11. Who is at the door?• Visually Identify• Verify ID• Stall• Call• Do not pretend you are not home
  12. 12. Community Involvement• Personal Responsibility• Reporting Crimes and Suspicious Activities• Community Involvement• Police / Community Partnerships
  13. 13. Parking Garage• Do not enter if someone or vehicle is following you• Plates over storage locker doors• Question suspicious people• Avoid easy access numbers• CALL POLICE• CALL POLICE
  14. 14. Questions or Comments? Ron Brandt Niles Police 847-588-6500