Education for the making of a complete individual


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Education for the making of a complete individual

  1. 1. Damodarshree 2012 Submitted By: Nilanjan BhattacharyaEducation for the making of a complete individualI am born into a definitive Bengali middle class family and I have inherited theopinion that, education is the most profitable investment one should go for asit always grows.Education is the basis for the learning process, and like all basis, it is tooabstract in nature and hence, I cannot define education in precise and absoluteterms. But still everyone has to admit that education plays a vital role in apersons overall development.I prefer to call education an infinite process, it has no beginning and it hasno end, as one cannot say when people started to learn. The abstractness ofeducation is quite visible as one cannot answer that how or why we started tolearn, what was the immediate cause that motivated us to learn.It would be very unjust to say that education is merely, mastering some art, orit is a gateway to employment, that create means for earning money.Education is a channel via which knowledge is imparted, and knowledge is thecause that widens our mental horizon. It gives us power to think rationallyand act wisely.Education creates a wholistic environment, where giver of education islearning too and evolving. The learner are trying to see the perspective ofthe educator, hence increasing his own pool of ideas.It is very interesting to observe that education creates a sense ofconfidence,as well as it forces us to doubt. This not a contradictory nature ofeducation but shows that,education builds a rational sense in an individual.This rational sense guides us to take decisions and act. If there would havebeen no rational sense in us, then we would have been guided by the The PiedPiper of Hamelin and would have fallen off the cliff.Education bridges all the barriers,it makes us appreciate the entirelearning process. It makes us understand about our past and it gives us avision to move forward to the future.Limiting education to schools,colleges or other formal institute is trivializingthe magnanimous image of education. I consider that we are subject toeducation from the time of our birth,when parents try that the moaningsounds made by an agonistic baby should resemble to the sound of “Ma” or“Baba” or when a child is scolded for not doing things properly. Education isalso accompanied with sense of understanding and humility,that is veryimportant for ones life .If education can not make us think, or give us an insight,then it should becalled set of instructions rather than education. The idea behind educating oneperson should not be levying his own thinking or point of view on others. Itshould be about sharing knowledge and that would make the learner athinker. Following set of instructions is attribute of a computer or a robot andnot of a human being. Education always makes one liberated and free person.Observing a fellow human,understanding his thought is also a part ofeducation. This sort of education helps a man to be helpful towards otherperson. It makes one feel that he is not only for himself,but his actions alsoaffect the people who are associated with him. The interaction with otherpeople makes one social,so that he can build a friendly atmosphere with other
  2. 2. Damodarshree 2012 Submitted By: Nilanjan Bhattacharyafellow beings. We can also say that education makes a man a congenialcreature.Learning from past experiences is also a form of education which makes a mancautious of all the mistakes that he has committed. This learning helps him tounderstand the effects of action on certain situation he faces. This sort oflearning improves a man. I used the word “improves” intentionally becausewhen a person acts he always thinks his action is right. If a person knows hisaction would cause negative effect he would not act,no action can ever risefrom void conception. This kind of learning improves ones previous knowledge.It makes a person evolutionary and more open to changes. If education doesnot make a man open to changes then the man would soon perish, becausechange is law of nature and with time he would be obsolete. Educationmakes one immune to obsolescence.Education is a rigorous process,learning is a duty of the educatee as much aseducating is the duty of educator. The mutual respect of duties ,makes aperson disciplined so that each can perform their due roles.If education would have been,just reading books or completing a course thenevery one would have been educated in no time. The completeness would havebeen achieved by a person, the way we download a song or surf the internet.Learning demands patience and practice. Patience does not means justwaiting for the time to lapse,and practice does not mean repeatingsomething that educator has imparted.Scrutinizing ones work and improving it,is actually practice,andpatience is a form of determination which is required to iteratethrough the scrutinizing cycle until the desired perfection is achieved.Practice and patience is both cause and effect of education because will ofgaining education is necessary. Education exhibits recursive nature.One of the notable aspect of education is that everyone is eligible foreducation. There is no age boundary for education. When one has a desire tobe educated, he can seek education from a teacher. It is a moral duty on partof teacher to educate anyone without any discrimination if one wants to beeducated.Even self education can be achieved the way Ekalavya a character inMahabarata achieved when he was denied education because of his low birth.So, the will to be educated plays a very vital role in ones education.Moral education or value based education is taught to children at home andschools. This education is very important too, because,it forms the base ofones consciousness and conduct. A person with high moral value has a strongcharacter. This strength in character makes a man bearer of all kind ofsituation without being subject to dysfunctional rationale. If education doesntprovide moral values and self culture then it does not amount to education butit can only be simply called commands to be followed.The basic goal for all sorts of education should be to build an insight within thestudents. It should make them morally ,socially aware and cultured. Ifeducation cannot strengthen the inner will and self disciple then, it will looseits prime place in its role played as an overall developer of an individual. Nowadays,there is such a rat race for existence,such cut throat competitionexists in our society. It seems that one prefers to master at some trade
  3. 3. Damodarshree 2012 Submitted By: Nilanjan Bhattacharyawhether it is business or engineering. The individuals are of opinion that onehas to educate themselves in order to be more employable.People now prefer to educate themselves as per the need of market.This trend threatens the purpose of education, as it is meant to fillones own void and not to satisfy the need of market. If one tries to fillvoid of market at cost of his own educational feeds, then one’s completeness isat stake. By this, one may satisfy his materialistic needs, but his esoteric andMeta physical needs will go unsatisfied.Ill share a couple examples,which were professed to me at school, and Ibelieve those examples are unintentional misguides to the children.One, teacher always say that one should guide own self to a specific aim, theway the horses are guided by the eye strap. Probably intended virtue to belearned from this is hard-work and perseverance,but side effect interpretationcan also be drawn that,”move to your goal,see nothing apart from it,trampleeverything that comes in your way”.Another malpractice according to me exists where teacher always lays stresson students to study texts as prescribed in syllabus. If education is limitedby syllabus then our thinking sphere would be as constricted as toadof pond.In my perception marks based assessment also hampers education andlearning process,although we never fail to admit the fact that,marks sheetprove nothing but we still use marks sheet as a tool of judgment forindividuals caliber. So education that was supposed to be an impetus foroverall development of the educatee is sidelined because one would alwaysaim to score marks at first place than to educate himself. This change inpriority may make a man successful in one dimension but life has amultidimensional outlook and everything is to be balanced.I would share a global incidence,which makes us realize that our uni-dimensional thinking can be very harmful. Just after the industrial revolution inEurope,the European countries tried to colonize entire world in order to buildmarket for their finished goods. This came at heavy cost of wars and creationof third world countries whose natural resources was squandered by theEuropeans. Still these countries are trying to reestablish themselves. Now,globally countries are working together to uplift them.Despite of having knowledge about technicalities of business warfare,politicseconomics etc. Europe at that time was still uneducated,as they lackedknowledge about universal harmony or mutual respect for humanity becausethey treated everyone in a beastly way.In modern world,we do not care for nature and environment ingeneral,although we study Environmental Education as a mandatory subject inall courses. This also proves a point that just reading or studying a subject isnot enough to educate us. If we would have been educated then we wouldhave been taking active steps to protect our environment.Till so far I started off discussing what is education or what all qualities shoulda learning process instill in one to qualify as education, I shared a few problemthat prevails in the process of imparting education. Some real world illustrationwere taken to prove that still we are not educated enough to call ourselvescomplete.
  4. 4. Damodarshree 2012 Submitted By: Nilanjan BhattacharyaIn this closing segment I will share my own imagination that how a completeindividual would be after attaining education.An educated person would be a sublime person who would respect every oneand there would be no vanity in him because of his knowledge.He should be skillful enough in the trade in which he aims to master so that hisskill and working potential be a service to mankind. To serve humanity skillsneed not be tangible, for example both Buddha and Edward Jenner did a greatservice to society by enlightening our spirit and protecting our body byvaccines respectively. All services provided by educated individuals are equallyimportant.An educated person is well aware of his rights and meticulous towards hisduties. Being aware of ones right and performing ones duty towards society isan important aspect of education.Being just and unbiased are also qualities that is instilled in one by education,these are key qualities which governs our conduct with others.Education is an important aspect of our life which separates us from otheranimals of this planet. Like them we eat, sleep, excrete, respond to stimulusand reproduce. Only the education factor places us at the top of animalkingdom, that is what makes us human, as well as lets us dream aboutcompleteness of ourselves so that we can make world a better place to live,where everyone love each other and live in harmony with our fellow beings andnature.Only education is a means that can bridge all the gaps present in our society.It can make all of us tied in a single thread of love.The following poem by Rabindranath Tagore tells the problems that persist dueto lack of education. “Where the mind is without fear” “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”This poem has always been the source of my imagination of a completeindividual.