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Data Visualization portfolio


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Sample of visualization projects
1. Charts - complex, heirarchy
2. Curation of tweets
3. Social network interaction
4. Mashup data with maps

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Data Visualization portfolio

  1. 1. VISUALIZATION PORTFOLIO Nilanjan @nilanjanb
  2. 2. Using charts to visualize large quantities of data Click on the image to visit the webpage with the interactive visualization  Uses factbook data  Incorporated 2 parameters - population and muslim population  Implemented zoom and select for countries  Ruby/Nokogiri to manipulate the data  D3js for visualization  Blog post
  3. 3. Complex charts  Used three variables – imports, exports, GDP  Independently gathered each parameter and combined them  Data manipulation using Ruby  Visualization using d3js
  4. 4. Complex heirarchy chart  Chart with multiple levels of heirarchy  Data manipulation using Ruby  Visualization using d3js
  5. 5. Network interactions Click on the image to visit the interactive visualization. See my blog post for a detailed explanation and other related visualizations.  Modelled interactions in a network  Twitter data was collected using twitter api (Ruby)  Visualization using d3js  Data manipulation using Ruby  Make sure you see my blog post for a detailed explanation and related visualizations
  6. 6. Related network visualizations
  7. 7. Curation of tweets Click on the image to visit the webpage. Take a look at the RSS feed for the entire list. My home page sidebar contains other lists I created.  Tweets curated using Ruby/TwitterAPI  Static webpage created using Ruby  This can be used along with the visualizations for a detailed understanding
  8. 8. Tweet Curation  Curation of groups such as Ruby, Software testers, Software developers, #d3js  Curation of conferences using hashtag  Lists of users such as movie actors, politicians
  9. 9. Mashup of data with Maps Click to view the map  Use twitter data to display users on a map  Manipulation of geographic data  Data manipulation using Ruby  Map data imported in Google maps (can be imported to other platforms)