Through Briquetting Press Shield Our Mother Nature


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The biomass briquette press is a highly qualified technology to reuse the bio waste and get energy fuel at the low rate.

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Through Briquetting Press Shield Our Mother Nature

  1. 1. Shield Our Mother Nature through Briquetting Press
  2. 2. Introduction  To protect our mother nature, we might have to switch towards the use of the non-polluting energy sources.  Through the white coal making project called briquetting press we can shield the earth from various hazards and harmful effects like global warming and greenhouse effects.
  3. 3. Manufacturing of Briquettes  The briquettes created through the briquette press machines are economical, very modern and environment friendly fuel.  As the briquettes are prepared from the raw materials like agricultural waste and jungle waste, this fuel is considered as environment pleasant energy coal.
  4. 4. Raw Materials  The raw materials when briquetted, get compressed in to the biomass briquetting machines and this technology does not require any binder for the whole briquette production process.
  5. 5. White Coal Briquettes  Hence, the white coal briquettes are useful product in the industries through which the higher amount of carbon free energy is produced without making harm to the surroundings.  Also, through this briquette plant project, the savings in heating costs and industrial production cost can also be possible.
  6. 6. Briquetting Press Machines  The biomass briquetting press machines have too many advantages like saving natural materials, environment and also the heating and production cost.  The briquettes are formed through the recycling of the natural materials and hence the problem related to the waste management and handling is solved out.
  7. 7. Alternative Fuel  Therefore, the briquettes are the perfect alternative of the any fossils energy resources.
  8. 8. Advantages of Briquettes The considerable advantages which shows that the briquettes are perfect substitute in the all energy application are as follows: 1. Totally made up of natural materials 2. Lowest moisture content 3. Higher performance than traditional fuels
  9. 9. Advantages of Briquettes(Continue…) 4. Not required any additional chemicals or binder 5. Easy storage and cleaner than any other fuels
  10. 10. Conclusion  So, the biomass briquette press is a highly qualified technology to reuse the bio waste and get energy fuel at the low rate.  Use these agro-waste briquetting machines for producing energy with less environment harm.
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