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Importance of energy briquetting plant in industrial era


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Published in: Technology
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Importance of energy briquetting plant in industrial era

  1. 1. Radhe Industrial Corporation Radhe Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd. All Copyrights Reserved. The biomass briquetting plants are the energy saver bio fuel manufacturing project with the aim of supplying “100% Pollution Free and ecofriendly fuel” to the industries. The biomass briquettes blocks created from the green briquetting plants technology is used in many commercial and household applications. So, the biomass briquette plant is the astonishing and totally pollution free technology that is used to keep the earth green. Because of the following parameters, the need of white coal briquettes as a renewable energy resource in the industries is increased for last few decades:  Oil resources exhaustion  Swelling demand for bio fuels  High oil and fossil fuel price  No subsidy on other fuel manufacturing plants  Increasing environmental pollution The biomass briquetting press project generates the eco fuel briquettes without generation of any kind of hazardous gases like Co2, sulfur and phosphor. The biomass briquette press or briquetting plant machines that is used for production of the coal briquettes is nature friendly, that produce bio fuel briquettes without noise and smoke. Therefore, this type of fuel production technique is absolutely smokeless and odorless. The briquetting plants India provides the bio fuel that has following noticeable features:  High quality bio fuels  Replaces the firewood and coal fuel  Easily obtainable raw materials  Cost effective renewable resource
  2. 2. Radhe Industrial Corporation Radhe Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd. All Copyrights Reserved.  Easy to store, easy to transportation  Reduces the soil corrosion problem  Diminish the environment pollution  Long durable burning fuel  A secure source of energy Biomass briquettes may fine be the energy source of the future for many nations. The energy briquetting plant can preserve the forests of countries all over the world. In domestic application, the main benefit to use the biomass briquette as a fuel is that the briquettes are 40 % more efficient than other coal. RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Gondal Road, B/H Perfect auto service Survey No. 43, Plotno.122/123, VAVDI, RAJKOT (GUJARAT) [INDIA] Toll free: 1800-300-21222 Visit Us: