Importance of biomass briquetting plants


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Briquette plant is a simple technology that converts the agro and bio waste into the bio coal briquettes. It is a project of gaining energy from best form of waste material.

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Importance of biomass briquetting plants

  1. 1. Importance Of Biomass Briquette Plants
  2. 2. What Is Biomass Briquette Plant? The biomass briquette plant is the energy saver bio fuel manufacturing plant with the aim of “100% Pollution Free biomass briquettes Manufacturing”. The biomass briquettes created from the green briquette press technology is used in many commercial and household applications.
  3. 3. Briquette plant is a simple technology that converts the agro and bio waste into the bio coal briquettes. It is a project of gaining energy from best form of waste material. So, the biomass briquette plant is the outstanding and totally pollution free project that keeps the earth green.
  4. 4. Because of the following parameters, the demand of biomass briquettes as a renewable energy resource is increased for last few decades.  Oil resource depletion  Increasing demand for bio fuels  High oil and fossil fuel price  No subsidy on other fuel making plants  Increasing environmental pollution
  5. 5. Biomass Briquette Plant Project The biomass briquette plant project generates the white coal briquettes without omitting any kind of hazardous gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur and phosphor. The biomass briquette press machine that is used for production of the briquettes is nature friendly, that produce bio fuel briquettes without noise and smoke. Hence, this type of fuel production technique is totally smokeless and odorless.
  6. 6. Features Of Briquette Plant The biomass briquette plant offers the bio fuel that has following noticeable features:  High quality bio fuels  Easily available raw materials  Cost effective renewable resource
  7. 7.  Easy to store, easy to transport  Replaces the petroleum and coal fuel  Reduces the soil erosion problem  Reduce the environment pollution  Long lasting burning fuel  A steady source of energy
  8. 8. Biomass Briquettes Biomass briquettes may well be the energy source of the future for many countries. The biomass briquette plant can preserve the forests of countries all over the globe. Using the bio fuel briquettes for renewable energy resource is a good choice for many industries to contribute in saving the environment.
  9. 9. In household application, the main advantage to use the biomass briquette as a fuel is that the briquettes are 40 % more efficient than coal. Hence, briquettes are used for firing, heating and cooking purposes in place of firewood.
  10. 10. Biomass briquettes made from loose biomass waste and residues shrink the greenhouse emissions. The high pressure biomass briquette press machine can produce huge quantity of biomass briquettes at a time. This biomass briquettes are cheaper than all other fossil fuels. The briquettes reduce the environmental problems causing by unhandled wastes.
  11. 11. Hence, keep the environment clean and green by using biomass briquettes.
  12. 12. “Keep your surroundings clean make the earth green”
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