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How can briquette plant help to the industries


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The biomass briquetting plant technology helps to the industries by providing the pollution free and high energetic fuel briquettes.

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How can briquette plant help to the industries

  1. 1. Copyrights © 2014 Radhe Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. How Can Briquette Plant help to the Industries? Today, increasing air pollution through release of hazardous gas emissions from the manufacturing industries leads to the global warming situations. The environmental damage caused by cutting trees and emission of poisonous chemicals and gas by the industries can be reduced by using the biomass briquettes. The biomass briquettes made from the biomass briquetting plant are the green bio fuels that can replace any of the energy source and fossil fuels. As the fuel briquettes are made from the green and solid biomass waste materials produced from the agricultural and forestry activities. The biomass briquette press machine is used to make the eco-friendly coal briquettes from the biomass waste materials. The briquettes are suitable for any industrial and household applications as they offer more thermal energy than any other fuels. The briquetting plant involves the recycling of the loose biomass materials by applying only high compression. The briquettes are green substitute that made from the latest binder less or we can say that chemical free technology. The briquetting machine manufactures the high solidity briquettes without adding any kind of chemicals. So, the final product briquettes are pollution free substance used to produce green and clean energy. Some of the key features of the biomass briquetting plant involve:  Provides renewable and eco-friendly fuel  Beneficial for the industries as they will get carbon credits  Provides cheaper energy alternative  High energized bio fuel  Easy operation and maintenance
  2. 2. Copyrights © 2014 Radhe Industrial Corporation Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. Due to such marvelous features, the briquettes are found in many manufacturing industries as well as in household applications. The use of biomass briquettes in the industries reduces the ash and harmful gas emissions. So, the pollution through the industries can be reduced by using the briquette plant product. And therefore, the biomass briquetting press becomes the need of the industries in the developing countries. So, use the briquettes as a fuel for saving our global economy from pollution and to make our earth green. RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Gondal Road, B/H Perfect auto service Survey No. 43, Plot no.122/123, VAVDI, RAJKOT (GUJARAT) [INDIA] Toll free: 1800-300-21222 Visit Us: