Biomass briquettes- Great Renewable Resource


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Biomass briquetting plant is the best renewable resource as the briquettes are eco friendly which are made from wastages in briquetting machine.

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Biomass briquettes- Great Renewable Resource

  1. 1. Biomass Briquettes - Great Renewable Resource
  2. 2. Introduction  Briquettes are a domestic and institutional biofuel, which are prepared by compacting infinite number of biomass waste.  The business of manufacturing biomass briquettes has a great deal with the renewability and the reusability process of the residues and agro-waste.
  3. 3. Continue…  Making high concentrated briquettes from the diversified raw materials is the process which requires less electricity and produce high productivity in a very short time.  So, this process is an innovative with the central idea of producing renewable solid biofuel briquettes.
  4. 4. Continue…  The energy producing capability of briquettes is depending on the procedure by which briquettes are made in the different briquetting machines.  But then also there are too many applications of the briquettes due to their renewable nature. Due to the shortage of current fuel and costly prices of the current fuels, the customers are looking for the alternative bio fuels that are eco-friendly.
  5. 5. Applications Of Briquettes: Considering the following applications of biomass briquettes produced in briquetting plants in our daily life:  In household applications, to make food and also in water heating process  In industries for heat production  In the tobacco curing process
  6. 6. Continue…  For tea drying process in tea plants  In the production of ceramics and clay wares like pottery, stoves, bricks etc.  Used as a fuel for gasifiers to generate electrical energy  In boilers for condensation
  7. 7. Benefits Of Briquettes: The briquettes bio fuel replaces all the traditional bio fuels like firewood, charcoal, black coal etc. and provide following potential benefits over these habitual fuels:  Uniform and standard shapes and volume  Long burning time  Lower cost of manufacturing as well as importing i.e. cost effective production
  8. 8. Continue…  Easily available raw materials  Non-carbonized process, so no need to add any carbonic chemical  No need of any binding agent  No sales tax on briquettes in many states  Totally pollution free solution as manufacturing process does not omit any chemical or smoke in the atmosphere
  9. 9. Summary  Hence, the biomass briquettes manufacturing provides a new eco-friendly way to enter into the world of greener environment.  So by using the briquettes in day-to-day life and industrial manufacturing, the energy production will be more reliable to save our earth from pollution and keep environment healthy and balance.
  10. 10. Continue…  Briquette is the great renewable source of energy that gives great contribution in keeping the environment safe and green.
  11. 11. “Keep investing in green technology”
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