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  1. 1. Erica Espulgar Strategic ManagementYllana Lopez Section 2Rissa MasukatAndrea SantosSWOT ANALYSISStrengths1. Good LocationSince Paradis is located at Tomas Morato, which many restaurants are actually located, it is an edge toother ice cream houses because they will have more customers since sugar cravings often strike after ameal for many people. According to Katarina Fitzpatrick, eHow Contributor, craving sweets after a mealis a common occurrence and can be very bothersome to those trying to lose or maintain weight, orreduce their overall sugar intake. Insulin, released by the pancreas after eating, spikes when youconsumes a meal high in carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates including white bread, pasta,cookies and cakes.2. For health conscious peopleParadis’ products are all-natural and healthy. In our health-conscious society, consumers are becomingincreasingly concerned about the nutritional value of the foods they eat. According to an article fromAP-Food, Spending on health foods has been identified as the number one consumer trend in Asiaalthough overweight and obesity percentages are set to rise, according to a survey released by TNSAsiapanel, reports Claire Johnston.“More consumers than ever in Asia are making a move towards a healthier lifestyle, with a recent TNSsurvey revealing that spending on health foods is the number one mega trend in consumer behaviour.Based on the responses of a panel of nearly 40,000 households across different countries in Asia, thebiggest concern amongst shoppers is to eat healthy - evidenced by significant year on year growth inspending on health foods.Revealed to be the most health conscious were the Taiwanese consumers. In 2004, over 50 per cent ofthe total grocery bill of each Taiwanese household was spent on healthy products, such as fruit &vegetables, RTD tea, vitamins, cereals, yogurt products and liquid milk.Vietnam also showed similar increases being the country in which more households than any other - 90per cent - expressed a willingness to pay more for health foods and drinks.Comparing the percentage of overweight or obese by country, Asia is fairing much better than theWestern World - although it seems to be catching up as the survey reveals a significant growth for snackfoods purchased by consumers in several countries."Health and well being is a worldwide concern and whilst obesity levels across Asia remain relatively lowin comparison to western nations, the positive trend in consumer spending on more health consciousfood products across the region is heartening -- especially in Taiwan and Vietnam where the latestfigures point to a recognition that action needs to be taken if obesity is to be reduced and preventedrespectively. However, for countries such as Malaysia and Thailand where obesity, snacking and
  2. 2. convenience foods are on the increase, the findings should serve as a wake up call", said director of TNSAsiapanel, Helen Passingham-Hughes.With the survey showing a massive 91 per cent year on year increase of snacking products purchased inVietnam, the growth in snack foods could potentially see Asias currently low incidence of obesity rise.3. Unique productsSince Paradis offers really unique products like (clockwise): Thai Milk Tea, Red Beet and Oranges, ChiliChocolate with Saffron, Strawberry, Coco Vanilla, Malunggay (center) Wasabi etc.They can attract the customers because of their very unique products. As their name explains, it’s an all-natural ice cream. Not pre-mixed, not stored for months in the ref. In fact, they make the ice creamstraight from their kitchen every single day. According to an article, the word "New" has proved to beone of the most compelling words that can be used in an advertising headline. In stores, a sign that says"New" will actually draw more attention than a "Half-Price" sign. This is even more so when yourproducts are fashion based, as window coverings are.The secret is to find something that customers will see as new and different.4. The set of ParadisAs you can see, the setting of Paradis is very inviting. This is one factor that customers would come backagain. The best place doesn’t really matter if it is far or near as long as the place is worth to go to(according to have been featured in some newspapers, magazines and TV programs and also they have theirown social media siteThere are may benefits of Social Media Marketing for Paradis. Social media is making a lot of wavesthese days.Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business Brand Establishment and Awareness CreationMost people all over the world are all over the social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube andTwitter. Making your brand name known across these networks is a fast developing method of creatingawareness and to establish your brand identity.Make interesting and highly entertaining YouTube videos that your audience would be eager to share.Also, creating entertaining online community that would be enticing and interesting for your customersto visit (using Twitter or Facebook) will increase your brand popularity. These are benefits/strategies toincrease traffic to your websites and also to generate leads. Social Media Network Enables You to Spy on Your CompetitorsSocial media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great places to spy your competitors and toknow what they are up to; this way, you can come up with a better strategy to outdo them. Advertise Your Products with a Mix of Fun and Interaction
  3. 3. Facebook and other top social media networks are great places to advertise your products for free;however, you must not pitch sales tone to avoid irritating your friends/follower who are in the socialnetwork solely to ‘friend’ and ‘share’. Incorporate entertainment onto your ads and use engagingquestions to get them to respond. You will generate customers this way, without being outright withyour ads. Direct the Attention of Your Audience to Your ProductOnce you get your brand name running on a social media network, you are already on a fast tracktowards getting attention of people to your offerings (your products and/or services). Accompany yourbrand with online promotion to the benefit of members of your community. Then watch how your saleswill skyrocket. Social Media Enables You to Grow Customer Loyalty and TrustYou can achieve this by communicating with your customers on a personal level; this way, they will feelat home, as though they are relating to a friend rather than a company. This is a fast way to buildcustomer loyalty and trust. Also, they will be willing to refer your business to others. Pay Attention to Your Customer’s OpinionSocial media platforms would enable you to know the view of your audience concerning your offeringsor business. If they criticize your business or offerings, take a deeper look at what they are trying topoint out, especially if more than one person is saying the same thing. This will help you to know whataspect of your product or business to enhance.Weaknesses1. Some of the products they offer are already available in marketjust like Durian Ice cream in Nestle and ECJ Farms.2. Currently have small or few customer.Since they only have few customers, there is a small possibility that their business will spread throughword of mouth.3. AdvertisingThey dont have enough budget to advertise their product so they just depend on TV guesting. Althoughthey are already seen on TV, they still need more exposure for the people notice them. They dont alsogive away flyers or make a banner.4. Lots of potential competitionThere are ice cream house which is also selling like Paradis, but theyre not sure if those are natural orartificial flavored.5. They are new to the market
  4. 4. So they only have one establishment and they are not open for franchising.In franchising a business, franchisors able to expand the brand very rapidly across countries andcontinents, and can reap enormous profits in the process, while the franchisees do all the hard work ofdealing with customers face-to-face.6. Products are expensiveJust like the other ice cream brands, they lower the price the many the customer will buy. Paradisshould lower the price in order to taste and try the product. This is also the reason why there is only fewcustomer. They only have to high the price if they have many loyal customer already.Opportunities1. For health conscious peopleParadis Natural ice cream are made using the finest, purest ingredients without any artificial flavors. Theflavors is also unique and originally Filipino flavors like malunggay, pumpkin, mango, tomato ice creamand so on. Paradis Natural Ice Cream not only keep individuals fit, but also to provide the opportunity toenjoy the flavor. It is also advisable for the people who have diabetics because they don’t use artificialsweeteners and they don’t only use fruit flavors but also vegetable in ingredients like malunggay whichgive healthy benefits."Diabetes afflicts people around the world and is now actually a pandemic. Roughly 4.6 percent of thepopulation in the Philippines (or about 3.5 million) are diabetics. Not included in these statistics are the4%-5% who are undiscovered and about 8 percent pre-diabetics, or future diabetics. All these predictedto be twice as many in two decades. More than 65 percent of diabetics will die of some form of heartdisease or stroke. These are indeed scary statistics." -Dr. Philip S. Chua380 million people are expected to develop diabetes by 2025 based on International DiabetesFederation/World Health Organization data, a good percentage will be coming from Southeast Asiancountries, including the Philippines. This finding is no longer astonishing considering the latest statisticson Pinoys afflicted with diabetes and hypertension which continues to increase on the scale of medicalrecords. This goes to show that statistics on Diabetes Mellitus in the Philippines continues to beunfavorable to the general population because of the continuous rise in the number of Filipinosdeveloping diabetes every year which adds to the number of people who cannot enjoy life and arebecoming less productive due to this disease.2. Good LocationThe location of the Paradis Natural Ice Cream is in Tomas Morato. In this area, there are manyrestaurant and bar located were upper and middle class go. It is very suitable for Paradis Natural IceCream Café because Tomas Morato is were people use to go to have entertainment. After meal, theycan go to paradis to have desserts.3. Featured in TV shows, Magazines, NewspaperBeing featured in TV shows is an opportunity because your product will be well known. The product wasfeatured in Abs-cbn, GMA and TV5 which is the top 3 most watching television entertainment here in
  5. 5. the Philippines. So that means that they may get more customers because of the exposure of theproduct. Of course magazines and newspapers are also use for the exposure of the product the readerswill get the information of the benefits of it.Threats1. The shift in focus of large company might affect their target market.If Selecta, Nestle or Magnolia ice cream launch new unique flavored ice cream it will affect theprofitability of their business2. Direct competitorsNestle ice cream introduces their new durian ice cream and other flavors which is cheaper than Paradisproduct.3. Indirect CompetitorsECJ Farms have durian ice cream which is the bestseller of them. It is located in Tiendisitas which isknown in selling durian products. Ice Cream House is an ice cream parlor which is also indirectcompetitor that sells mango, strawberry and chocolate vanilla ice cream and other flavors. Elfav inParanaque City is also selling malunggay ice cream. Elfav is the ice creamery of El Favorito Ice Cream,which uses skim milk from New Zealand.4. Cash flow problemParadis Natural Ice Cream has an ineffective marketing which the sales are stagnating or falling. Thecompany doesn’t have a good marketing strategy and how to reach the customers effectively.