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Zaira nuria


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Zaira nuria

  1. 1. In the space
  2. 2. The planets
  3. 3. Mercury and theIt is the nearest planet to the Sunsecond smallest in the solar system.Mercury is smaller thanThe Earth, butbigger than the Moon.
  4. 4. VenusIt is the second planet of the solar system.Venus rotates very slowly in the oppositedirection of the other planets. The sun rises in thewest and sets in the east, the opposite of whathappens on Earth. It has no satellites as mercury.
  5. 5. THE EARTHIt is our planet and the only one with life.Seven in ten parts of the earths surface iscovered with water. The seas and oceans alsohelp regulate the temperature.The Earth has a satellite, the moon.
  6. 6. MARSIt is the fourth planet from the sun.Known as the red planet .Mars has two satellites
  7. 7. JupiterIt is the biggest planet in the Solar System.It also has 16 satellites.The rotation of Jupiter is the fastest among allthe planets. Temperature is -120 ° C
  8. 8. SaturnSaturn is the second biggest planet in theSolar System and the only one with ringsvisible from Earth.Saturn has 61 satellites
  9. 9. UranusIt is the seventh planet from the Sun . Temperature is -210 º C
  10. 10. NeptuneIt is the coldest planet. It is far away from the Sun.
  11. 11. SpaceIn space There are millions of stars andsatellites
  12. 12. STARSThe stars shine, bring light....
  13. 13. SATELLITESatellites are circling all the time by the planetsthrough space.
  14. 14. By:Núria and Zaira