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Project my spy gemma


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Project my spy gemma

  1. 1.  My spy’s name is Jess. She is talking on her Iphone and she’s scratching her neck. She isn’t walking. She’s wearing a pink and blue bikini,a white blouse and a red kilt. She isn’t wearing a black suit She’s saying ’’ I’m in front of you ’’ She’s got a pink book.
  2. 2.  This is my spy number 1: I’M IN FRONT OF YOU
  3. 3.  My spy’s name is Jonathan. He’s sitting at a table. He isn’t watching a spy. He’s wearing a blue and big hat and a suit. He isn’t wearing a blue dress. He’s saying ‘’ Hello! ’’ He isn’t scratching his ear. He’s got a teddy bear.
  4. 4.  This is my spy number 2: HELLO!