Project 2 dani, gerard, jan


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Project 2 dani, gerard, jan

  1. 1. PROJECT UNIT 2 The animal kingdom
  2. 2. Leopard I'm Dani I explain the leopard: it is colour black and yellow, it has got four legs , a tail, whiskers, sharp teeth and spots. It lives in Africa, it eats meat, it ¡s a good predator. It runs and climbs, it doesn't fly and swim, it can run at 90 km per hour.
  3. 3. Wolf The wolf is colour grey and white. It has four legs, a tail and whiskers. It hasn't got spots or stripes. It lives in the forest in the Pyrenees and it eats meat .It is a predator. It runs and climbs but it doesn't fly or swim. It can run at 97 km per hour.
  4. 4. Eagle Hello my name is Jan, my favorite animal is the eagle: it is brown and white, it has got two legs and one peak. It lives on trees in a forest. It eats meat and fish but it doesn't eat plants, insects or fruit. The eagle is a predator, it flies, it doesn't swim or run, it can fly at 240 km per hour.
  5. 5. Shark The shark is colour white and grey, it has a tile, sharp teeth, it doesn't legs, stripes and spots. It lives in the sea, it doesn't live on land or in trees, it eats fish and meat it doesn't eat plants or fruit. It is a very good predator, it swims it doesn't fly or runs. It can swim at 12 km per hour.
  6. 6. Iberian lynx ➲ I'm Gerard. I explain the iberian lyxn: it is colour grey and it has got black spots. It has four legs, a tail, whiskers and sharp teeth it hasn't long neck. It lives in the Pyrenees in the forest .It eats meat birds and fish. It is a very good predator. It Climbs , runs but it doesn't swim or fly. It can run at 77 km per hour.
  7. 7. kangaroo The kangaroo is colour brown, it has got four legs and a tail. It lives in Australia, it eats leaves and plants: it isn't a predator. It jumps, it doesn't fly, climb or swim. It can jump at 90 km per hour.
  8. 8. By Gerard, Dani and Jan.