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Animal smarcanacarla


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Published in: Technology, Lifestyle
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Animal smarcanacarla

  1. 1. ANIMALS Ana, Carla and Marc
  2. 2. THE SHARK • • • • It’s a big fish of the sea It’s a predator It’s grey and white It hasn’t legs, it has fins and long and very big teeth • It lives in the sea and it likes the warm seas • It eats big fishes and sometimes it likes eating meat like penguins, seals • It swims, but it doesn´t fly
  3. 3. THE CHEETAH • It’s the fastest animal of the world. It can run about 114 km. per hour • It’s a mammal and it lives in the Savannah, in the middle of Africa • It’s has brown and black spots • It has four legs and a very long tail • It eats meat because it’s a predator. It’s likes very much zebras, antelopes and gazelles • It runs but it sometimes climbs trees and rocks
  4. 4. THE SNAKES • It’s a reptile. It hasn’t legs • It has different colours: red, green, brown, black, yellow … • The snakes are born of eggs • It’s a predator. Some snakes have sharp teeth and venom and others haven´t • It lives everywhere. It depends on the snake: in the desert, in the jungle, in the Savannah … • It eats mice, insects and other small animals • It climbs, but it doesn’t fly.
  5. 5. THE PENGUINS • • • • It’s a mammal but it lives near of the cold seas It has black and white skin It has got two legs and walks very slowly It lives in the Antarctic and it likes the cold water and the cold climate • It eats small fishes, krill and crustaceans • It’s a predator but it’s also a prey of the seals • It swims very fast
  6. 6. THE WOLVES • It’s a mammal and a great predator of the forests • It has hairy and soft coat. It has brown and grey skin • It has four legs and it runs very fast and it always hunts in groups • It lives in the forest of centre Europe, Russia and north America • It hunts other mammals like cows, sheeps, foxes … • It runs, but doesn´t fly • It has very long and sharp teeth
  7. 7. THE GOLDEN EAGLE • It’s a bird, it’s one of the largest birds of the world • It has got brown feathers, a long beak and strong claws • It’s a predator. It eats rabbits, snakes, anteaters, mice and little reptiles • It lives in north America, Europe, Asia…. • It flies and its wings have more than 2 meters
  8. 8. THE END By: Carla, Ana and Marc