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Task 4

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Task 4

  1. 1. Task 4 - Comparing Marketing Materials
  2. 2. Quality Price
  3. 3. Quality - Maybelline This advert is focussing on the quality of the product that its selling rather than the price. The advertisement is not basic and it includes a lot of information about the product but does not mention the price anywhere. The main focus is to get across the quality of the product rather than trying to sell it by just having the price. The advertisement looks expensive and uses words such as ‘superior’ which makes the product sound really good which may prompt people to buy it. Not having the price on the advertisement could either put people off if they think that it is going to be really expensive, or this could make people more curious about the product and make them go into the shop and buy it. Not stating the price is a clever technique to make people more curious to buy it because there is only the product to look at instead of a price that could potentially put people off.
  4. 4. Quality - MAC This advertisement is focussing on the quality of the product rather than the price. It is also advertising the celebrity as well as the product as the company will know that the product is more likely to sell when it is advertised by well known celebrities. Rihanna is a very well known celebrity who has a huge fanbase which will make it easy for MAC to get their products recognised as the media will talk about it and fans of Rihanna will notice her on the advertisements. The advertisement shows Rihanna wearing the makeup from her range which could attract more people as you can see what it looks like when its on. The advertisement does not have any information whatsoever about the products which is a good technique to use because not stating a price for the product if it is expensive could make people more attracted to the product as there is not a price there to put them off. This could mean that they are more likely to go and buy the product because they could be curious of the price and end up buying it while they are there, The advertisement uses very little writing although it has some text that could influence people to buy MAC products. It says ‘RiRi loves MAC’ which looks like it has been written in lipstick which suggests that Rihanna wrote it herself and that she is a fan of MAC makeup which will influence other people to buy the products because a specific celebrity has promoted them.
  5. 5. These two advertisements are very different but both get across the quality of the product rather than the price. The Maybelline advertisement has a lot of information about the product and what it does. It states that there are many different shades of the eye shadow palletes and gives details of the website which can help customers find out more information about Maybelline and their products. On the other hand, the MAC advertisement has no text at all, only a small graffiti which looks like it has been done by Rihanna. Having a celebrity as a promotion of a product has the power of selling better because a lot of people follow in celebrities footsteps so they will automatically want to buy a lipstick because it is in Rihanna’s makeup range. Both of the advertisements have an image of a person modelling the makeup as the main source. This is so people can see what the makeup looks like on, however models have makeovers by professionals and get airbrushed so they look flawless and the product is made to look a lot better than it actually is. There has been a lot more effort put into the Maybelline advertisement than the MAC one, however MAC would most likely make the most sales because it is been promoted by a celebrity. It will not matter to the some people that there is not any information about the products, they would just buy the product to try and be like the celebrity. The MAC advertisement is very basic which would not cost a lot to make but they would make it this way because they know that they will not need to make the advertisement complicated when they have a celebrity promoting their products.
  6. 6. Price - No7 No7 This advert is focussing on the price of the products and nothing else. It does not give information about any of the products or their individual prices, just that there is an offer on one or more of the products. The advertisement is very basic and does not display any writing about the products which could be vital to the customers if they were allergic to certain ingredients that were in the makeup. Stating the offer as the main source of the advertisement is a way of getting people to become interested regardless of the advertisement not having any information about the products. The advertisement focusses on the price throughout as it says at the bottom ‘treat yourself for less’ which is suggesting that you can get the products for a lower price when normally they would be more expensive.
  7. 7. Image MAC - Nicki Minaj Ribena The companies that produce these advertisements have a certain image they want to get across and use the advert to do so. For example, the MAC advertisement features Nicki Minaj who is a well known celebrity and the product. It does not have any information about the product, just a photograph of it. This is because the company will know that if people look at the advertisement and see Nicki Minaj who is extremely well known then they are more likely to buy the product. Fans of Nicki Minaj especially will want products that are part of her range and would probably not care about the price of the product as long as it has their favourite celebrity on. Also, because MAC makeup is quite expensive, putting the price on the advertisement could put people off. Having a celebrity as the promotion for a company will increase the sales massively because if people see an advertisement with their favourite celebrity on then it will make them curious and they will probably end up buying it based on that. The Ribena advertisement is trying to get the image across that the drink only has berries in it and no added sugar which is why image of the drink is surrounded by berry plants. This works on the basis that even if the drink does not contain berries only that people will look at the advertisement and believe it because of the setting.