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Task 1

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Task 1

  1. 1. • • • • • • • • • Title in white and bigger than the rest of the writing on the leaflet The facts are split up into small sections to make it easier to read Images to show what the dogs look like and to make the leaflet more interesting to read Words in bold at the top of the leaflet to describe the dogs Big image on the front to go with the title A lot of information given The colour scheme is not too bright or off putting although it is eye catching The fonts are easy to read and understand The leaflet gives some advice and contact details to make people feel like they can get in touch if they have any queries that are not mentioned. • Statement at the bottom saying ‘Greyhounds make great pets!’ which could encourage people to buy one.
  2. 2. • • • • • • • • • • Clear, bold titles so you can see the different sections Facts split up so you can clearly see them Title in bold to make it stand out Bullet points for the facts so they are easier to understand ‘Did you know?’ section clearly labelled Further advice section for people who feel they need more information Assures you that you don’t have to say yes to smoking just because friends are Gives contact number in bold so people can see it clearly Gives situations that people might be in to make them feel like they are not alone Points made in bold to emphasise things such as ‘DON’T SMOKE’
  3. 3. • • • • • • • Steps clearly labelled in order Title in capitals to draw more attention to it Diagrams for each labelled steps to show the reader how it should be done Not too much writing so the reader does not get bored Introduction to start explaining about ‘carving’ Written in a way that is clear and easy to understand Font is clear and readable