Task 1 - Research


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Task 1 - Research

  1. 1. Research
  2. 2. Old Irn Bru These are some old irn bru cans and an old irn bru advertising poster. The colour scheme has been exactly the same with the orange, blue and silver which suggests that the colour scheme has worked well because it has not been changed at all in the years that irn bru has been out. On the cans is a man standing, proudly holding a can of irn bru which is suggesting that the drink is so good that it needs to be recognised. The diet/sugar free irn bru is in silver which is exactly the same as the ones we see today. The colour schemes for every irn bru can are the same even though some of them are rearranged if they are sugar free. The poster has a completely different colour scheme to the cans as it has yellow, red and brown which does not relate in any way to the actual cans so it could look like it was not part of the irn bru campaign.
  3. 3. New Irn Bru Advertisements
  4. 4. These irn bru advertisement uses a lot of techniques which work well. They all use the same colour scheme which is blue, orange and silver. This is good because there can be a range of different advertisements made but they can be recognised because they all follow the same house style. They use the same font for their advertisement as they do on the actual drink which is bold and in capitals which will draw people to it. Most of the previous irn bru advertisements have the word ‘phenomenal’ which suggests that the drink is outstanding from other drinks. The slogan ‘gets you through’ is suggesting that if you drink irn bru it can get you through the day which will make people think that it is refreshing. I think that it is a good idea that the diet irn bru is a different colour so that people don’t get confused when trying to find it. The good thing is that it still uses the same colour scheme but in a different arrangement because it can still be recognised as irn bru.
  5. 5. I think this advertisement for irn bru could appeal to any age group as it features balloons which appeal to any age group from young-old. The balloons relate to the colour scheme as they are blue and orange and also they stand out really well as they are the first thing you notice when looking at the advertisement. The balloons also have the slogan written on them, „irn bru gets you through‟ which attracts people because it is written in capitals and it is white writing which stands out on the coloured balloons. There are two cans in front of the balloons which are original and sugar free. This is a good idea because putting both the options on the advertisement will let people know that they don’t have to buy a full sugar drink if they don’t want to. The website address is printed in small writing near the bottom of the advertisement which might encourage people to go onto it if they want any information. Having the website printed small is appropriate because not many people want to visit websites when it is just a drink although it is always useful to have it there incase anyone does.
  6. 6. This advertisement is one I found on the website which was originally used at some point. The advert is extremely basic and does not hold any information at all. On one side is an old photograph of what looks to be a criminal and on the other side is a quote. The blue and orange colours are used in this advertisement and a very small image of an irn bru can is used although you probably could not notice it at a glance. The quote reads “I could murder an irn-bru” which is meant to come across as a joke as it relates to the criminal on the left hand side. It is suggesting that the criminal is a murderer which means that this advertisement would not be aimed at children because they probably would not understand it. There are many irn bru advertisements that are similar to this one as in they all hold puns or have quotes that are supposedly from the image on the other side, be it an animal or a human.
  7. 7. This advertisement for irn bru would be seen on a bus stop. The poster has the same colour scheme as the actual can which is silver and dark blue. On the can it says ‘sugar free’ in orange which would make it stand out because it is a different colour to the rest of the colours used in the advertisement. There are some arrows pointing to where the sky, pavement, words etc would be and also the writing on the poster reads „the totally obvious new name for diet irn bru‟ which link together as the arrow for the sky is pointing up to tell us its there even though it is obvious to us that it is there. The word ‘obvious’ has been made bigger than the rest of the writing because it is getting the message across that it is really obvious what the new name is. There are some blue arrows pointing to where it says ‘sugar free’ which will draw peoples attention to it as that is the main point of the advertisement.
  8. 8. This is an advertisement for the energy drink, „Rockstar‟. There are many different flavours of Rockstar but there are different types too, such as juiced, diet and original. Each flavour/type of Rockstar has a different colour scheme although they all include the yellow star which is the Rockstar logo. There are a small amount of the drinks which have a different coloured logo, for example the Rockstar cola has a red logo instead of a yellow one. Also, there is a new Rockstar drink which includes coffee so, the can colours for this are brown and beige, and the logo is gold to go with the colour scheme. The advertisement has a black background with yellow and white writing on which contrasts well and is readable to anyone walking past. It also has a rhetorical question which says „what kind of ROCKSTAR are you?‟ which makes you think about which flavour drink you want. This is an advertisement for the energy drink, „Monster‟. This specific advertisement is for the original Monster Energy although there are more flavours. The can colour scheme is black with a bright, neon green logo which has been used as the colour scheme for the poster as well. The bright green stands out really well on the black background and looks as though it is glowing. The green colour is also appropriate for the name „Monster‟ because green can be seen as a very eerie colour. The poster has a green glow around the cans which is shaped like a monster and draws you to the image of the cans. This is an advertisement for the energy drink, „Red Bull‟. The slogan for Red Bull is „Red Bull Gives You Wings‟ which suggests that the drink is powerful and gives you a lot of energy so you feel like you can fly. The image for this advertisement is a can of Red Bull with wings which is appropriate for the slogan. The colours for the logo are red and yellow which are good colours to use because they are bright and noticeable. The colour scheme for the can is blue and silver which works well against the red and yellow as it makes it stand out more. The advertisement is very simple and does not have a lot on it but it works well and it is clear. The wing that is drawn on the can looks like it is graffiti which would suggest that the advert is aimed at teenagers as the graffiti would appeal to them.