Rapid Fire - Design - Green Ideas 2012


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Rapid fire speech during Green Ideas 2012 related to Design. Experiences from Natural Europe

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Rapid Fire - Design - Green Ideas 2012

  1. 1. define: designa specification of an object, manifested byan agent, intended to accomplish goals, in aparticular environment, using a set of primitivecomponents, satisfying a setof requirements, subject to constraints
  2. 2. design fails…
  3. 3. design triumphs!!!
  4. 4. http://blog.echoenduring.com
  5. 5. purpose• There needs to be an underlying reason that surrounds its initial creation and that ultimately justifies its continued existence
  6. 6. intention• Design is also intentional, which means that elements are placed with thought and reason
  7. 7. content• Content functions as a framework through which to present a particular message, idea, philosophy, theology or ideology
  8. 8. purpose (we want to…)• …enhance learning that takes place in museums of natural history• …provide comprehensive learning experiences for visitors of NHMs• …bring natural history in the classroom and schools in the museums
  9. 9. intention• Keep learning fun and easy to do• We want people to be able to use it• Use high quality cultural content coming from museums/trustworthy sources
  10. 10. content• Learning pathways act as a means/framework through which we present our vision for museum education• 90 pathways created so far• Contain >1.000 high quality museum resources• Used in the respective museums/schools