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Intro to metadata


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Our introduction to metadata for the purposes of the "WHY metadata for MY resources" workshop in TELSS 2010 in Ohrid, FYROM

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Intro to metadata

  1. 1. WHY metadata for MY resources? Nikos Palavitsinis Hannes Ebner Nikos Manouselis Photos from: &
  2. 2. Welcome • Intro to metadata & application profiles • Quick usage guide for the Confolio Tool • Hands on metadata annotation using Confolio • Using metrics to evaluate metadata quality • Interactive session on quality of metadata • Short questionnaire on the session – Yes, another one… Sorry! – Your chance for revenge!
  3. 3. Rules • Laptops will be needed • Banned programs & apps (unless requested): Skype, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Outlook, Thunderbird, whole MS Office suite (all versions), Messenger (of any kind), AUTOCAD, VLC media player (and all media players), paint, any other game, programming suites, calculator, notepad, wordpad, acrobat reader, winzip, winrar, minesweeper…
  4. 4. Intro to metadata
  5. 5. Definition • “Metadata is structured information that: – Describes, – Explains, – Locates, – Makes it easier to retrieve & use – Helps in managing information resource”* *NISO (2004) Understanding Metadata. Bethesda, NISO Press
  6. 6. Metadata is everywhere • We can have metadata on: – HTML documents, digital images, books, museum objects, – Services, physical places, people, institutions, abstract “works”, concepts, events – Metadata themselves – …
  7. 7. 7/13 name: Ariadne & George description: the twins keywords: twins, Manouselis, menace, smelly format: babies date: 11/2008 creators: Polly, Nikos M. location: Crete, Greece
  8. 8. Purpose • Resource discovery & integration, • Organize electronic resources, • Facilitate interoperability • Provide digital identification, • Support archiving & preservation *NISO (2004) Understanding Metadata. Bethesda, NISO Press
  9. 9. Metadata Elements • Each information resource is described by using specific data items • These data items are called Elements
  10. 10. Metadata Schemas • “A metadata scheme is a sets of metadata elements designed for a specific purpose, such as describing a particular type of information resource”* *NISO (2004) Understanding Metadata. Bethesda, NISO Press
  11. 11. Evolution element element element element element Metadata Scheme Used by one publishing house Used by many publishing houses Metadata Specification Metadata Standard Adopted by Standards’ Organization
  12. 12. Evolution Used in specific community E.g. Publishing houses of medical books Metadata Application ProfileMetadata Standard Metadata Specification Profiled Refined Adapted
  13. 13. Application Domains • Libraries • Agriculture • Museums • Education • Environment • Architecture • …you name it…