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Can Europe lead a data revolution in agriculture & food?

  1. Can Europe lead a data revolution in agriculture & food?
  2. >30 million USD investment
  3. what is the EU investment? • …in agriculture & food R&D? • …in digital farming? • …in big/open data & analytics for agriculture & food? What is the role of Europe in this market?
  4. We believe that we can. 1) a unique culture of collaboration, as well as making different infrastructures working together 2) doing some of the world's best agri-food research (maybe not the same in big data research) 3) already deployed an open, shared, common data infrastructure for publicly funded science and its outputs
  5. Where can Europe lead? (1/2) • Facilitating the alignment of public & private private sector –how different data infrastructures can interplay & interoperate to support an emerging data ecosystem for agriculture and food –Open Harvest, GODAN WG, a Policy Consultation group to shape the agenda
  6. Where can Europe lead? (2/2) • Coordinating & investing into the public part of the scientific data infrastructure –AGINFRA for certified, domain-specific cloud, data, tech resources and services in the European Science Cloud (EOSC) marketplace –e-ROSA to engage the community & develop a roadmap for the future
  7. ideally • help unlock the potential of the sector and get the different global players together & aligned
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