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Advanced Akeeba Backup (Joomla! Day Denmark 2012)


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My presentation on advanced Akeeba Backup in Joomla! Day Denmark 2012

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Advanced Akeeba Backup (Joomla! Day Denmark 2012)

  1. 1. ADVANCED AKEEBA BACKUP Beyond just backing up your site
  3. 3. Backup here, restore anywhereSe rver A Ser ver B
  4. 4. Danger, Will Robinson!Don’t restore a site on top of another site based on adifferent Joomla! series, e.g. 2.5 on top of 1.7 or 1.5on top of 2.5.For Joomla! 1.6 and later, don’t restore a site on top ofanother site, period. E.g. don’t restore a Joomla! 2.5.6site on top of Joomla! 2.5.4.
  6. 6. Database onlyFrequently changingtables (e.g. orders)Use the Database TableExclusion filterManual restoration only
  7. 7. Files onlyImportant files (e.g.configuration files)Use the Files andFolders Exclusion filtersRestore using Kickstartor manually
  8. 8. Incremental files-onlyFrequently added files(e.g. media files)Based on modificationdate and timeUse with files onlybackups and quotas foreasier restorationTip: use the dateconditional filter
  9. 9. Advanced Site TransfersApply selective updatesto your siteRequires a lot ofplanningMore info:
  11. 11. Exclude non-Joomla! tablesRegEx Database TableExclusionUse the regex:!@^#__@
  12. 12. Encrypted archives (JPS)The content is encryptedwith AES-128Protects data whentransferred over FTP orHTTPRequires server support(mcrypt with Rijndael) insource and destinationserver
  13. 13. Backup to the “cloud”Automatically storebackups on Dropbox,Amazon S3 etcAmazon S3 enjoysspecial privileges. You’llsee what I mean!
  14. 14. Re-upload FilesUploads archives to cloud storage services (S3, Dropbox, ...)Originally designed to work around failed transfersCan be used to upload any existing archive with a little effort
  15. 15. Import ArchivesDetects existing archives and imports them to thedefault backup profile (#1)Useful after restoring a site to a previous version...and for many other uses!
  16. 16. Import from S3Like import archive, works with archives stored inAmazon S3Archives needn’t be backups of the current site.
  17. 17. Integrated RestorationRestoring a backup archive to the same server...or any other server on the Internet, via FTP!
  18. 18. Backup multiple databasesMultiple DatabasesDefinitionsAdd the connectiondetails of one or moredatabasesRestoration asks you torestore or skip each oneof them
  19. 19. Backup files outside your site’s roote.g. download files orconfiguration files storedone level above the webrootOff-Site DirectoriesInclusionJust browse for thedirectory you want!
  20. 20. Backup a different siteConfiguration, SiteOverridesChoose another sitepath: Site root overrideChoose anotherdatabase: Site databaseoverride
  22. 22. Site Transfer WizardSimilar to integrated restoration using FTP, but much easier touseSupports FTP, FTPS, SFTPSome servers don’t allow a full transfer
  23. 23. Magic Transfer via FTPBackup Site A to Site B using the “Upload to remoteFTP server”Upload and run Kickstart on Site BThus you get to transfer Site A to Site B withoutdownloading anything locally!
  24. 24. The really simple wayAttention: You’ll need Kickstart ProfessionalBackup Site A to Amazon S3Upload Kickstart Professional to Site BLet Kickstart download the archive from S3 to Site BThe rest is the typical restoration workflow
  25. 25. IMPORT FROM S3 TO KICKSTART The Easiest Site Transfer Method
  26. 26. QUESTIONS?
  27. 27. DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES off any subscription with coupon code JD12DK until December 1st, 2012
  28. 28. THE END