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Web meets World


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My speech at "Who's afraid of Social Media" conference organized by the Greek Institute of Communications.

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Web meets World

  1. 1. Web meets World
  2. 2. It all started 3 years ago with
  3. 3. Then an explosion of user generated events happened in the city
  4. 4. Friends as Institutions Friends take on roles that previously operated only by institutions
  5. 5. Organizing without Organizations“ ”Clay Shirky
  6. 6. The Atenistas movement promotes collective memory about buildings in Athens
  7. 7. BUT, a small amount of information, wich lasts only as long as the paper lasts on the wall
  8. 8. Smartphone era: abundant info, in all types of formats, forever, any time from any device
  9. 9. Data is anchored on the place it is generated. Consumed at the same place in the future Anchored Data“ ”George Pantziaris
  10. 10. The cloud: low cost infrastructure enables anyone to become entrepreneur and imagine ambitious ideas.
  11. 11. Shazam The music industry is permanently disrupted
  12. 12. Shop Savvy The retail industry is permanently disrupted
  13. 13. Square The retail financial services industry is permanently disrupted
  14. 14. A message of hope for mobile innovation and development
  15. 15. Innovation Race
  16. 16. The second industrial revolution was based on the electric network.
  17. 17. The second technology revolution will be based on the abundant mobile and cloud infrastructure
  18. 18. @drandakis Thank You